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Access to universities in Peru

abril 1, 2021
quieres estudiar aromaterapia Access to universities in Peru

What characterizes the admission process in Peruvian Higher Education? The variety of options.

Entering Higher Education is always a stressful situation for future students. The main doubts lie in the young student’s own capacity, since many times they feel that they are not sufficiently prepared to face an entrance exam or some specific test according to the career they wish to study.

How is access to universities in Peru?

The training received throughout the entire school career is of special importance, that is, from Initial and Primary Education, to Secondary.

In Peru, this factor will be decisive, as higher-level institutions offer various admission methods and especially value the best averages obtained in secondary education, for example.

But of course, this is just one of the many methods that currently govern the admission process of any higher level educational institution in Peru. Do you want to know more about it? We invite you to continue reading.

Entrance to the universities of Peru

In Peru, the conditions and requirements for access to the Higher Education level are determined by the type of institution, that is, each center has sufficient autonomy to decide which method to use in this regard. They are also based on the ages and personal characteristics of the applicants.

One of the most common mechanisms used by universities to allow the entry of new students to their study programs is the ordinary admission exam, in charge of testing the knowledge and skills acquired by the future student throughout their career in secondary school.

Another of the entry alternatives to the Higher Education level in Peru is aimed at the best averages, the 1st and 2nd of secondary school. This class of students will have great advantages within the admission process of a university center.

The preparation cycle is an interesting method of accessing the Higher education and consists of an introductory course aimed at specific groups of students.

Admission for adults is another option offered by several of the higher level institutions in Peru. This modality is intended for adults over 30 years of age.

Ordinary admission exam

The majority of Higher Education institutions in Peru use it as a method of access to their study programs. This is the admission exam, the characteristics of which will depend on each establishment.

This kind of exam can be done by those who are finishing Secondary Education in Peru or those who have already graduated from the intermediate level.

Each establishment establishes the evaluation modality, characteristics of the exam, ideal scores to be achieved, dates of the test, content to be addressed and registration costs.

However, these exams tend to have similarities from one institution to another. Most are questionnaires with multiple choice questions. The contents addressed in them can be classified into skills and knowledge. In the first case, they will be based on verbal and mathematical reasoning, while in the second case, the questions will be related to the area of ​​study to which you want to access.

Better averages

This is an interesting option for Peruvian students who have had the best performance in their school career at the intermediate level.

What is sought with this alternative is to provide greater possibilities to those students who have made an effort in Secondary Education, having obtained the 1st and 2nd place of their promotion.

In general, under these circumstances, students will access any higher level study program without an entrance exam. In most cases, in addition, this modality will be in force for those who have not exceeded more than two years after having obtained the baccalaureate degree.

Under this method, future students will have to prove that they have obtained the best averages, through the corresponding certification, in addition to participating in a personal interview with the authorities of the chosen university institution.

The Peruvian University of Applied Sciences, Technological University of Peru or the Autonomous University of Peru, offer this mode of access to their careers.

Preparation cycle

Only available in some Higher Education institutions, the preparation cycle consists of a general training course that allows students to acquire certain knowledge for future university life.

These courses are really useful for the young student, since in addition to starting training prior to entering the university, the instance allows them to access the chosen institution without taking an admission exam.

The courses usually last between one and three months and are intended for regular students who are in the last year of Secondary Education or also those who have already graduated from the intermediate level.

The Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, the University of Lima or the Autonomous University of Peru, are some of the institutions that offer this modality of entry to their study programs.

Income for adults over 30

If you are over 30 years old and you want to have your opportunity to start studying a career in one of the Higher Education institutions in Peru, now you have a possibility.

The idea behind this admissions method is to provide an option for higher education for those who have crossed the 30-year-old barrier and still want to start training.

This class of future student will have the possibility of accessing a personal interview with the authorities of the higher education institution of their choice, and in case of being approved for their performance in said meeting, they will be able to enter the study program they want without having to take the institution’s ordinary admission exam.

General entry requirements to the Peruvian Higher Education level

The elementary requirement to be able to study in any Peruvian institution of Higher Education will be to have the certification of secondary studies.

Outside of this, there is no other general rule that the future student must comply with in order to access a university degree.

The rest of the requirements will be subject to what each institution deems appropriate, according to its own admission criteria.

Documentation to present to enroll in a university in Peru

Along with the requirements, the corresponding admission exams (depending on each institution), the third step you must take when deciding to enroll in a university in Peru is the presentation of documents.

What you will have to present will be:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Identification document.
  • Passport size photographs.
  • Certificate of studies of the 5 years of Secondary Education.
  • Registration application duly filled out.
  • Payment corresponding to the registration (depending on each institution).