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Acting | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
actuacion Acting | I do not know what to study

Many people who are choosing acting as a career they wonder will I get a job? What defines a good actor? What skills do I need to be an Actress / actor?

A Actress or Actor is a person with a great interest in the arts who possesses physical and emotional abilities. If you think acting is your thing, find out what skills you need and how you can train in this area.

Know the keys to becoming a professional actor / actress

We know that to achieve professional success it’s not just about talent, but of a sum of competences, for example the creativity, the ability to improvise, the body expression, constancy and self-care.

Actors and actresses are people with a great capacity for adaptation, interpretation, physical and emotional control.

It is important to achieve success in this career, to become a organized person, with capacity for memorize texts, improvise, practice self-care and be responsible when facing a job.

A good way to start is by discovering the work of future colleagues / colleagues from the arts and media sector. Develop your schedule to visit shows and observe, this practice is a good way to Learn from others. If you can’t physically go to a play, you can visit plays virtually. On the Internet there are different cultural options, take a moment to surf the net and find documentaries, master classes and interviews, related to the acting career or about the competition that you are looking to improve.

A thriving acting career requires dedication and constant learning

Every day is an opportunity to act, don’t wait for the opportunities to rain, you have to go out to look for them or become your own promoter. To increase your chances of getting a job, you have to move around and attend castings constantly.


Keep your profile updated, the profile of an actor is a showcase for their projects. It is a digital space that brings together your biography and your portfolio. To develop a profile and the materials you need learn digital skills and about tools photo editing, video, digital space management.

A university degree is not a requirement to develop a career in acting, many actors and actresses are self-taught and never went to university to train.

An actress or an actor can be trained in different ways, currently there is a varied educational offer available from master classes, personalized acting course, Diploma in Performing Arts, Degree in Performing Arts or Degree in Performing Arts and Interpretation, Training Cycle of Higher Degree in Theater Acting Techniques, Bachelor’s Degree in Acting or Bachelor’s Degree in Theater and Acting, among others.

Some subjects that can be taken for a Performance degree They are: Drama, Theater History, Classical Theater History, Oral Expression, Literature and Creation, Singing, Interpretation Elements, Introduction to Film Interpretation, Voice Techniques, Body and Gesture Expression, Martial Arts, Performing Arts, Composition , Dance, Dubbing, Choreography, Script, Technology, Acrobatics, Dramaturgy, Characterization, Music, Acting Direction. Usually the degrees have a duration of 4 years.

The Higher Degree in Dramatic Art or Bachelor’s Degree in Theater and Acting can be learned at a university. To access this degree, it is a requirement to have a Baccalaureate or secondary degree and in some countries it is required to pass an entrance test.

Some institutions where You can take a Degree in Acting: University School of Arts, University of Nebrija, and the BA in Acting at UNA, University of Palermo, Autonomous University of Querétaro, University of Anáhuac and the University of London.

Another option may be the higher-level training cycle in general, it consists of 2,000 hours of training and professional modules where in some cases interpretation techniques, movement techniques, voice and singing techniques, communication training, scenic practice and Practice in companies.

The Diploma in Performing Arts lasts 8 months in the Virtual modality and can be studied at the 21st Century University.

If you are confused and think you need a boost to achieve your goals, let us help you through our Personalized Guidance. We will help you fulfill your career dreams.

An acting professional possesses artistic skills and is prepared to work in a variety of roles in plays, movies, or artistic events. Professionals are trained in various techniques to control their gestures, movements and modulate their voice.

Is Profession is very sacrificing and not all people can make a living from this profession, because the work is not continuousThere are well-known artists who dedicate themselves fully to this work and other people maintain it as a secondary job, a therapeutic occupation or a hobby.