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Administration of Cultural Assets | I do not know what to study

abril 2, 2021
NSQE administracion de bienes culturales Administration of Cultural Assets | I do not know what to study

The administration of cultural property is a new tool of great help, especially in contexts that have an important cultural heritage.

What is the administration of cultural assets and what does a graduate of this career do?

In recent years, cultural heritage has become a very important topic. Mainly because it generates tourism and economic activities related to it. Therefore, the administration of cultural property has as fundamental objective to manage and organize all those cultural assets that, according to some local or national designation, have extraordinary value for a specific society or human group. Thus, cultural property managers must be able to conserve said heritage, which can be both tangible and intangible.

Therefore, cultural property managers have extensive knowledge that allows them to lead any company in the sector on the right track. Culture can be understood as the traditions, customs, constructions, buildings and even the art of some place or town. That is why its conservation and dissemination is very important, since it must be done with responsibility, trying to rescue the essence and values ​​associated with those goods.

Administration of Cultural Assets

Cultural property managers receive subjects in general administration, economics, finance, law, tourism, history, anthropology, and the humanities in general.

For his part, labor field For those interested, they can be various institutions, public and private, related to the world of culture such as: museums, foundations, institutes or educational institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations or entities such as the United Nations Educational Organization, the Science and Culture (UNESCO).

Studies related to the Administration of Cultural Assets

In Spain, the studies corresponding to the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Assets are considered to be higher education and at the end the title of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Assets, equivalent to University Diploma degree.