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Advantages of studying Cinema | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
ventajas y desventajas de estudiar cine Advantages of studying Cinema | I do not know what to study

Cinema is the predominant form of popular art that exists in the world today, a position it has held since the early 1900s.

What is the film career about?

Film is a very real industry, far from being the hobby one might think it to be. Cinema is a combination of many artists. The screenwriter writes the story. The singer sings the songs. The musician performs the music. The actors and actresses play their role. The director makes sense of it and the photographer shoots the film. As a filmmaker you will be a professional who masters the arts and techniques of cinema with theoretical, technical, artistic and practical knowledge that enables you to design, produce, direct, promote and market any cinematographic product.

Advantages of studying film

The biggest advantage of studying film is that it is an enjoyable subject to study, requiring no prior formal knowledge, adaptable, broad in scope and results, making it an increasingly popular undergraduate option throughout the world. The subject is rewarding for people of all ages and backgrounds, usually students have a great deal of investment in something that has a prominent role to play in their cultural lives. Another important benefit of studying Film is that the film industry is global, in addition and related to the above, the availability of production companies and jobs in this branch is wide.

Advantages and disadvantages of studying Film
Advantages and disadvantages of studying Film

Disadvantages of studying film

Some of the disadvantages of studying film are that you have to have talent to achieve fame or recognition, at least, worldwide. Furthermore, being a film director is not an easy task and involves many years of work, dedication and money. Related to the above, the film career is not one of the cheapest careers so studying it implies making a financial sacrifice.

How long is the film career? Is this race known by another name?

The Bachelor in Film has an approximate duration of between four and five years, depending on the country and the university or institution where the degree is studied. In addition to a BA in Film, it is known as a BA in Film and Television, a BA in Cinematography, a BA in Audiovisual Arts, and a BA in Audiovisual Production and Realization.

What job opportunity does a filmmaker have?

Studying Film helps you develop a wide variety of skills that employers look for, such as the ability to organize and critically evaluate material; manage time; good written skills; electronic research skills and others. Those who hire filmmakers have stated that the most desired skill of these professionals is the ability to think independently and innovatively promoted by a critical degree. Film studies can improve prospects in many areas within the creative industries, including arts management, television and film production, media marketing, and provides a good pathway to teaching.

Film Students
Film Students

Where to study Cinema?

Argentina: University of Buenos Aires, National University of La Plata, National University Institute of Art, National School of Cinematographic Experimentation and Realization, Institute of Cinematographic Art of Avellaneda, National University of Avellaneda, School of Audiovisual Media of Lomas de Zamora, University Foundation of Cinema, Center for Cinematographic Research, etc.

Venezuela: National Film School in the Metropolitan District of Caracas, etc.

Mexico: University Center for Cinematographic Studies, Mexican Association of Independent Filmmakers, Arte7, Lumiere Cinematographic Institute, Center for Studies in Communication Sciences, Center, Russian Mexican Institute Serguei Eisenstein, Golem Producciones, INDI Center for Cinematographic Studies, etc.

Cuba: International School of Film and Television in Cuba, etc.

Spain: University School of Arts and Shows, Centro d´Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya, Institute of Cinema, Superior School of Cinema and Audiovisuals of Catalonia, Ramon Llull University, Camilo José Cela University, School of Cinematography and Audiovisual of the Community of Madrid , Mallorca Film Academy, etc.

Chile: Chilean Film School, Arcos Professional Institute, etc.

Uruguay: Uruguayan Film School, etc.

Did you know…?

Avatar, director James Cameron’s sci-fi film, has been the most pirated production yet. This film, which is also the highest grossing film in history, has been illegally downloaded 21 million times.