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Advantages of studying Jewelry Design

marzo 31, 2021
quieres diseñar joyas Advantages of studying Jewelry Design

Jewelry Design is the discipline that is responsible for the conception of ornamental garments made with different materials. This is done on a scientific and technical basis, differing from traditional crafts.

What is Jewelry Design about?

With the growth of the jewelry industry around the world, it has become necessary to create a discipline that deals with the design, manufacture and production of jewelry in a scientific and professional way. The professional in Jewelry Design will take into account when carrying out this process several variables, among which are the technical aspects, the fashion, the materials to be used, the form and the available techniques.

You want to design jewelry
Do you want to design jewelry?

What tasks does a Jewelry Designer perform?

The designer’s work begins with the conception of the idea and the creation of the sketch, for which he must have knowledge of drawing. This can be done by hand or through computer programs. You must also add to the design the estimate of the materials to be used, the production techniques that will be applied and other practical considerations, after which you must also calculate the budget corresponding to the production. Then the layout of the product will be carried out. After the generation of the jewel prototype, it will be manufactured, manually or mechanically. The Jewelry Designer is in a position to perform all of these tasks, or engage only in some of them.

What is studied in Jewelry Design?

The subjects can vary according to the orientations that the different institutes can give to the career, but basically you can find yourself with subjects such as Drawing; Production Workshop; Jewel Design; Materials; Author’s Jewels; Commercialization; Manufacturing Techniques; History of Jewelry; Technical drawing; Geometry; Gemology; 3d modeling; Creation of Catalogs; etc.

What is the job opportunity of the Jewelry Designer?

In this case, the job prospect is quite direct, since the acquired knowledge is difficult to direct towards other occupations. The Jewelry Designer tends to dedicate himself to the design and production of jewels independently, in order to elaborate “Author’s Jewels” or also in the artisan elaboration; You can also carry out your work within companies for the design and / or production and manufacture of jewelry; you can dedicate yourself to goldsmithing; be an operator in a jewelry workshop; and you can also guide your professional work to the conservation and restoration of jewelry.

What characteristics should the Jewelry Design student have?

Whoever wants to dedicate himself to this profession must have creativity, since in a millenary profession like this and that operates in such a small field it is difficult to come up with something new; patience, as it is an incredibly painstaking job and it can take time to have the final product; manual skill, since you will have to manipulate small materials without the possibility of error; and have a passion for jewelry, in order to keep up with the changes in the field.

Advantages of studying Jewelry Design

If you are good enough you will have a lot of work and you will be recognized for it.
There isn’t an abundance of jewelry designers, so you won’t find much competition in your job search.
It is a good profession if you are looking to work independently.
Jewelry is not an industry that runs the risk of going out of style.
It is usually a short race.

Disadvantages of studying Jewelry Design

By not studying in the traditional fields, you must be careful when choosing your institute of studies and ensure that you make a good choice in terms of quality and official recognition.
Job opportunities are relatively limited. Unlike other careers in this one it is difficult for you to use your knowledge in other professional branches.

What tasks does a Jewelry Designer perform
What tasks does a Jewelry Designer perform?

Where to study to be a Jewelry Designer?

Argentina: The University of Palermo offers you a career in Jewelry Design, which lasts 3 years. At the Pampa Center for Art and Design you have a short one-year degree.

Spain: The Istituto Europeo di Design dictates a specialization course lasting 4 months. The School of Art 3 is public and free, and offers you a Training Cycle in Artistic Jewelry that lasts 2 and a half years. The Jewelery School of Córdoba offers various courses for specialists in Jewelery Design, with an average duration of 1200 hours. At the International School of Design and Fashion you have a short course of 100 hours.

Mexico: The Center for Art and Design in Jewelry allows you to study a Professional Diploma in Jewelry and Jewelry Design. It has a duration of 1 year. It also offers a distance course that lasts 6 months.

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