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Advocacy | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
por que estudiar la carrera de abogacia Advocacy | I do not know what to study

Studying law can be challenging and learning, a versatile career that not only deals with laws and how to respect them, do you want to know why?

Manuel Larrotcha is Managing Partner of LDC Abogados in Madrid. Tell us about your journey. My first experience…

Why study Law?

When you begin to think about the university courses that are offered, in many occasions you enter the doubt of which one to choose. There are many options that are considered and there are also many details that are tried to take into account. That we like? How do we see ourselves in the future? It is there that a very interesting question may appear, what career can provide me with a job opportunity in these times that we live? That is why the law career is an excellent alternative for those who are looking for a career that provides learning and job opportunities at the same time.
What is studied in Law? What scope does it have?

Studying law provides the student with a wide range of knowledge and gadgets on how to achieve goals. Not only are the laws and their different traits apprehended, but a lawyer must also learn to express himself, speak and make himself understood. A law student must know how to convince, something fundamental in the defense of a client. It can be local, national or international in scope.

Why study the Law degree
Why study the Law degree

Advantages of studying law

The legal profession, in addition to being a career with a job prospect, allows us to think about both a dependent and independent job. There are several companies that have an internal legal department, as well as being part of a law firm made up of various lawyers with different specializations. The other option it offers is to be an independent professional, thus handling particular cases.

Disadvantages of studying law

The law career has a peculiar disadvantage. Since, as each country handles different laws, the lawyer does not have a profession that can be used anywhere in the world. Each country has its codes, so the lawyer who wishes to reside in another country and practice his profession, must validate his title, having a great knowledge of the laws, what must be learned are simply the rules that govern in the new country .

A disadvantage that many people highlight is the corruption that exists in the field of law, there the famous saying “made the law, made the trap.”

What is the legal profession for?

Studying law serves to defend a person in a trial and take the case. It can provide individual or group success, since the lawyer received can venture into different branches of this career and focus on what is most profitable both personally and financially. The utility of the legal profession has different facets, there are those who turn to being prosecutors, judges, for example, and make a career to achieve that goal; there are those who prefer to be teachers, or to be in a private study.

What does a lawyer work for?

A lawyer can choose between different possibilities of employment and / or professional fulfillment. Postgraduate degrees can be carried out and focus on some branch that can attract more the attention of the professional received, as well as it can be closer to the field of teaching. There are two main areas to practice the profession, and different specializations:

Private sphere: being a solicitor (monitoring notifications and examining the writings that are presented in court), independent lawyer (civil, criminal, labor, commercial, family, etc.). Companies: can be developed as an advisor or consultant of the different specializations that correspond to the entity in question.

Public sphere: Prosecutor and / or judge, state attorney, inspector, work within notaries and registries, judicial secretary, carry out a diplomatic career.

What tasks does a lawyer do?

Among the tasks that a lawyer is responsible for, there is that of defending their clients, presenting evidence and verifying that these are true, finding the pertinent legal paths to carry out a case. The lawyer may have the task of defending both a natural and a legal person. He can give a lecture on his profession and advise or examine legal-related documentation.

Where to study Law
Where to study Law?

In which universities do you study Law?

In Spain there is the Autonomous University of Madrid located in Madrid, recognized for its prestige, and in Barcelona the Ramón Llull University.
With regard to Latin America, in Argentina, in the Province of Buenos Aires, the university with the highest reputation is the University of Buenos Aires.
In Uruguay, the University of the Republic, in Montevideo.
In Chile, the University of Chile located in Santiago.
In Mexico, it has the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico City (DF).
In Ecuador, there is the San Francisco de Quito University in Quito.
In Colombia, the National University of Colombia, in Bogotá, is one of the most chosen for the law career.