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Agrarian Administration | I do not know what to study

abril 2, 2021
el campo agronomia no se que estudiar Agrarian Administration | I do not know what to study

Agronomic and economic knowledge in a single career, that is the Agrarian Administration.

Why study Agrarian Administration?

Studying Agricultural Administration becomes an interesting choice because it offers the student a complete training in which they acquire knowledge related to the agricultural production process and at the same time, in parallel, learn about the Essential economic processes to efficiently manage the companies in this sector.
Before this qualification existed, professionals had to limit themselves to acquiring knowledge in the economic area and then complete a postgraduate or master’s degree to understand how the agricultural production process worked. The same thing happened in reverse with those who were trained in the agricultural area, without having knowledge of economic issues. Sooner or later, for these professionals, it was necessary to expand their knowledge and therefore, over time, the Agrarian Administration career was consolidating itself as an interesting alternative in which two elementary knowledge were complemented for the entrepreneur of the agricultural environment.

Engineers in the field

What is Agrarian Administration about?

As we said earlier, Agrarian Administration is a complete career, crossed by various axes that make up the base of the formation. Thus, the agricultural administrator will incorporate knowledge related to the economic Sciences, to the biological processes that act on the agricultural production and to the social Sciences, among others.
During the course of the degree, the student will access subjects in the economic field such as administration, mathematics, accounting, economics and financial analysis or others related to agricultural activity such as climate and soil, plant and animal production, environmental management and agricultural policies, among other.

Duration of the Agrarian Administration career

This type of training is taught mainly in the form of a bachelor’s degree, it can also be approached as a specialization, postgraduate or master’s degree, after having completed a career linked to economics or science. agricultural activity. In the first case, a minimum duration of four years is estimated and in the second case there are masters and postgraduate degrees that last approximately two years. In some countries it is also possible to study a three-year degree in Agricultural Administration.

What is the job opportunity of the Agrarian Administration professional?

The professional who chooses the career of Agrarian Administration will be able to perform as responsible for management in agricultural companies, participating in the analysis, organization and control of activities in said companies. It may also participate in the development and implementation of agricultural projects promoted by State institutions. You will have the possibility to develop your career as economic and financial analyst in companies in the agricultural sector.
The agricultural administrator will be able to work autonomously, as an advisor or consultant for companies with public or private capital that wish to invest in agricultural projector. In addition to the fact of being able to practice as a teacher and researcher in agricultural economics.

Advantages of studying Agricultural Administration

Agrarian Administration training is significantly competitive for the modern professional. This kind of degree provides the student with knowledge highly valued by current companies, with which the profile of the graduate will become interesting for any recruiter of a large corporation.
The variety of fields of application offered by this career is another reason to choose it, taking into account that the graduate in Agrarian Administration acquires knowledge that will allow them to work in different types of institutions and companies, having greater alternatives in terms of job opportunities.
Being such a complete career, this graduate acquires very valuable knowledge for his professional development.

Disadvantages of studying Agrarian Administration

This career may be too long in number of years, taking into account that when opting for the bachelor’s degree the student will have to face a training process of between four and five years.
Another disadvantage associated with studying Agricultural Administration is that many times in production matters mainly, the success of the professional’s management will be subject to the mercy of climatological factors and natural resources such as the soil for example.

Where to study Agrarian Administration?

In Argentina You can access the Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Administration or the technical degree as well, these are taught in various institutions such as the University of Buenos Aires, University Siglo 21, National University of the Center of the Province of Buenos Aires, Caece University, National Technological University, University Argentina de la Empresa, University of Belgrano, National University of La Pampa, National University of Comahue, Catholic University of Salta, Austral University, etc.
In Paraguay The Bachelor’s Degree in Agrarian or Agricultural Administration is available at the National University of Asunción, Columbia University of Paraguay, Private Pacific University, Community University, etc.
In Mexico Bachelor’s degrees are also available and are taught at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the Autonomous University of Nuevo León and the Autonomous University of Sinaloa.
In Colombia You can study Agricultural Business Administration at the Santo Tomás University, the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia, the University of La Salle, the University of Antioquia, the University of Caldas, the Jaime Isaza Cadavid Colombian Polytechnic, etc.
In Spain It is possible to access a specialization in the area of ​​agricultural administration obtaining an Official Certificate of Professional Training in the Integrated Public Center of Agroforestry Professional Training, Institute of Professional Training C. of Agrarian Training, Integrated Center of Training and Agrarian Experiences of Lorca, School Agrarian Training Palencia, etc.

In Honduras the Pan-American Agricultural School, known as Zamorano, at the University level and the career is known as Agribusiness Administration.
Agrarian Administration, much more than a career based on the rural.
One of the confusions related to the Agrarian Administration career is that the professional who obtains said qualification will be able to practice as such or have greater possibilities of labor insertion by moving from large cities to rural environments. But in reality, the profession is designed to train administrators, businessmen who, using the knowledge acquired about land use, climate benefits, and animal and plant production processes, are able to successfully run agricultural companies. , without the need to hire a specialist in agrarian affairs to address a particular problem and without the need to move to the field permanently to be able to manage it properly.