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Animation | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021

The entertainers are the professionals that develop a message or idea through visual language, using different techniques and tools that are related to art, new technologies, communication, design and computing.

The animation students prepare for in the future produce animations in films, series or documentaries, business presentations, advertisements “Giving life” to a character or any object, be it real or imaginary. At present the animator is assisted with computer programs or specialized software for the design, animation and creation of characters.

The Animation student acquires extensive artistic knowledge such as drawing, geometry, visual communication, audiovisual language, script techniques, photography applied to animation, lighting, digital image processing, as well as digital sound editing. .

Regarding the labor field, animators have great opportunities thanks mainly to the development of new technologies.

Animation graduates can work in film production houses, advertising agencies or in the development of video games. Likewise, you can carry out consultancies, creations of 3D images or focused scripts for any audiovisual communication medium.