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Anthropology | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
Calendario Azteca Anthropology | I do not know what to study

Why study Anthropology?

The study of cultural diversity, traditions and rites of civilizations, make Anthropology a career with very peculiar details.
Study Anthropology It is to enter a time tunnel and dig into the past of the human being and its diversity. This career helps the student to know many aspects of society that are usually taken as natural, as precepts that are taught and instilled in us without reflecting on it, it helps to understand and criticize various facets of cultures. It provides an important body of knowledge related to different problems, psychological, historical, linguistic, as well as knowledge about economics and politics, among other disciplines.

Aztec Calendar, at the National Museum of Anthropology and History (Museum of Anthropology) Mexico City.

What is studied in Anthropology? What is the scope of Anthropology?

Anthropology has different specializations, such as Linguistic Anthropology, where the ability to explain the relationship between languages ​​and the way that cultures put their languages ​​and forms of communication into practice is acquired. There is also urban anthropology; physical anthropology, which includes anthropometry, forensic anthropology (related to the criminalistic area) and biological anthropology; Paleo Anthropology, which has been closely related to archaeological practices, is specified in the search for the ancient, fossil objects and prehistory; the social, which encompasses market research, social research, and ethnology; the historical one.

Anthropology is a university degree? How many years does it last?

Anthropology is a university degree that offers the possibility of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in it. It is found within the faculties of human sciences, since it is linked to sociology, archeology and the studies of man in their different ways of relating. Depending on the country in which you reside and the university you choose, it has a duration of approximately 4 to 5 years, although this may vary according to the subjects that are carried out per semester or semester.

Advantages of studying Anthropology

The fundamental advantage comes from the concepts that are apprehended, structures that one already had are demolished. It can also be associated with other social branches such as sociology, psychology for example and carry out a joint work.

Disadvantages of studying Anthropology

The job opportunity is a great inconvenience that this career can present, since many choose it for a personal taste and desire, rather than for what it can pay off financially for the job offer it offers. The problem of wanting to practice Anthropology as an independent profession may arise, and there are drawbacks in it, but you can count on an institution that may be behind the studies carried out and can collaborate with the expenses that it carries, and thus be able to fulfill the particular satisfaction.

What is the career of Anthropology for?

To delve into what makes the culture of society, to solve paradigms and understand a little more the present or ancient civilizations. To break with the established, observing and analyzing an object through different theories. The anthropologist is interested in the language, the social organization, the family formations of the different ethnic groups, the ways of carrying out the economy and the characteristics that make different societies particular, such as their customs, traditions, rites, myths, dances. The anthropologist can link his work to the discovery of certain objects in a field, and be amazed by his findings, thus rescuing culinary, artisan or musical traditions that he never imagined finding.

Anthropology sample
Photographic sample of different cultures

Anthropology photography
Photograph representing part of the anthropology of a tribe

Anthropology representation
Sample inspired by entropology

Different urban tribes
Urban tribes

Anthropology tribes
Artistic representation of anthropology


Culture and anthropology
Anthropological studies

Vision of anthropology
Anthropology and religions

What does an Anthropology work on? What tasks do they do?

Anthropologists can carry out research and sociocultural studies, advise and collaborate with organizations or public institutions in the preparation of a planning related to any sociocultural problem. Carry out different works in works that are related to archaeological preservation. Another of the tasks that an anthropologist can follow is to lean towards teaching. In Anthropology participant observation is worked in a field, this means that the studies are carried out directly in the ethnic group or place that you want to observe and analyze. Usually the anthropologist performs the task of investigating for some institution, behaviors or vestiges of past societies. You can also carry out study projects supported by an organization.

In which universities do you study Anthropology?

In Chile, the University of Chile dictates the career of Anthropology.
In Argentina, the University of Buenos Aires offers a Bachelor of Anthropological Sciences.
In Colombia, the title of Anthropologist can be awarded by the National University of Colombia.
In Mexico, the Bachelor of Archeology is offered at the National School of Anthropology and History.
In Spain, the Carlos III University offers the possibility of studying Anthropology.