Audiovisual Communication | I do not know what to study

Do you like cinema and television and want to know how they are made? Audiovisual communication gives you all the tools to put all the flight of your creativity on the screen.

What is audiovisual communication?

The Audiovisual Communication career deals with the exploration and creation of technical and communicational tools for the integral realization and production of cinema and television. It is a career in which practice predominates: students film, edit, diagram and direct all kinds of programs, in this way they acquire knowledge of the entire process of creating and carrying out an audiovisual project.

In addition to the technical aspect, there is the communication aspect of the process: how convey ideas and how to capture them on the screen. The audiovisual communication encompasses many genres: documentary film, the fiction, the advertising, among many others; each with its own characteristics. The degree offers a complete panorama of the genres and their techniques, so that the professional is qualified to carry out any type of audiovisual project.

The labor field of the audiovisual communication focuses on film and TV. Graduates of this career can work in advertising production companies and of movies, What editors, directors, etc.

Some professionals in Audiovisual Communication work independently and carry out their activity in their own production company. Graduates are trained to work on television channels, either in the technical team or in the creativity team. Some are dedicated to write scripts or to do the art direction of the different audiovisual materials, either in producers or TV channels; others are more inclined to Film direction and audiovisual content production, in other cases they find their work in advertising agencies, such as advertising creatives or as filmmakers.

Today audiovisual production has enormous technical and creative potential and its horizons are expanding rapidly. Graduates of this career have a wide field of work full of possibilities for personal fulfillment.

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