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Aviation | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
NSQE aviacion Aviation | I do not know what to study

The Aviation career has the purpose of training professionals who operate aircraft that provide a civil service, that is to say passenger transport.

People who study the Aviation career are pilots or those in charge of operating aircraft, mainly for the transfer of passengers, although they can also transport goods or products.

The pilots They must receive strict training from said means of transport, since the safety of their passengers depends on them. Therefore, in the Aviation career all the technical, technological and practical knowledge that allow the student to carry out his profession.

Aviation career is usually complicated and in many cases expensive. This is because the student must know perfectly all the theoretical-practical principles of this profession, in addition to the fact that it requires training with aircraft. In addition, the interested party must have a good psychophysical condition, a Bgood vision, an excellent motor coordination and taste for math and the engineering.

Some of the subjects taught during the degree are: aeronautical engineer, math, physical, thermodynamics, physical geography, among other.


For their part, people who decide to study Aviation have the possibility of working mainly in private airlines, either in the transfer of passengers or goods. However, given their preparation, they can also work on air control or in airport administrative positions. Likewise, it is possible that professionals have the possibility of working carrying out other types of activities that require the operation of an airplane, such as fumigation of fields, control of forest fires and even rescue.