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Biochemistry | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
NSQE bioquimica Biochemistry | I do not know what to study

The race of biochemistry It is focused on the experimental field. Study the processes and mechanisms of beings, as well as the structures and origin of diseases but seen from a molecular approach.

Identify the components assets of drugs and makes the application of new technologies to identify diseases.

Biochemistry it is divided into three branches which are: metabolism, molecular genetics and structural biochemistry. It is related to biomolecules and biosystems and is the basis of biomedicine and biotechnology.

Gabriela is a Biochemist Specialist in Haemostasis. In charge of the Haemostasis and Thrombosis Laboratory …

The biochemistry career You can develop your powers in microbial technology, enzymes, genetic engineering, cell and tissue culture, among others, you acquire skills that allow you to study diseases, their origin and how, in the future, we could prevent those diseases.

If you decide to study biochemistry, you can work in laboratories to do clinical analyzes, hire yourself as an advisor or consultant for companies and laboratories that need help.

You can develop in the industry by creating transgenic foods and organisms, in drug companies or biological products such as vaccines or dedicate yourself to transmitting your knowledge to other young people in academic institutions or through courses.


Biochemistry career frequently asked questions:

Gabriela de Larrañaga is a Biochemist and she helped us answer the basic questions that come to us about the Biochemistry career.

What is the Biochemistry career for?
It is applied in research, in clinical analysis, in forensic analysis.

What is Biochemistry dedicated to?
Generally they do clinical analyzes but their responsibilities to research are also extended.

Does the Biochemistry career have a lot of mathematics?
Only two subjects

Where does a Biochemist work?
In medicinal laboratories, in clinical analysis laboratories, in the faculty, in research.

Can you work while studying Biochemistry?
Yes you can, but the biochemistry career requires many hours of practice.

Biochemistry What job opportunity does it have?
The fastest is to perform shifts or clinical analysis laboratory.

Can a biochemist work making medicine?
You can work and study medicine at the same time, although it is wearing yourself out.

How much does a Biochemist earn Argentina?
Little bit. 12,000 pesos in 6-hour days.