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Cinearte | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021

Cienarte began in 2007 as the International Center for Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, AC (CINEARTE), in the City of Puebla, Mexico, when there was little educational offer in cinematography.

Cinearte trains filmmakers with their own identity capable of developing efficient professional activities in cinematographic processes.

Cinearte Train future film directors capable of creating works in the avant-garde media. Cinearte offers a high-level education that the current film industry demands by applying rigorous and permanent evaluation and quality assurance processes.

Educative offer

Cinearte offers specialties, diplomas and careers related to the CINE industry.

In specialties it offers script writing, film production, documentary production, art direction, photography direction, sound and sound design, digital editing and editing, animation and visual effects,

In the career format it offers the Directing Career in Cinematographic Arts that prepares you to be a Director in Cinematographic Arts and acquire all the skills you need to venture into all the creative and technical aspects that involve the entire production of a film.

Its offer of Diplomas is composed of the diploma in filmmaking, animation and acting in front of the camera.

General Admission Requirements

To enter the Directing Career in Cinematographic Arts, Diplomas and Specialties, it is necessary to meet mandatory requirements.

Present original and copy of the following documents:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Certificate of high school studies or legalized equivalent.
  • Current official identification INE (Mexicans). ID, DNI or passport (international students).
  • Four photos printed in Child size color from the front and white background and digital file of the same photo in jpg.
  • Payment for admission exam.
  • Signature of acceptance of the admission regulations.
  • Medical certificate (it is not a limitation to enter).

If you are Mexican and you studied outside of Mexico, the documents must be legalized by the corresponding authority (Ministry of Public Education).
Applicants from other States of the Mexican Republic and International must send their documents 100% scanned and can take the exam by skype (cineartemx). Once admitted, it is a requirement to deliver all original documents.
If you are Mexican or foreign and you live in the State of Puebla or Tlaxcala, all the procedures must be done in person at our facilities, delivering originals and simple legible copies.
Attend the date and time indicated by the Admission Commission for the admission exam with official identification (IFE or passport). Approved applicants must meet the following registration fees:

  • Annual registration fee.
  • Monthly or quarterly tuition fee, in case of choosing this payment system.
  • Applicants with unfinished studies.

If you are in the process of obtaining the graduation documentation at your school, the International Center for Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, AC (CINEARTE) can offer you a conditional acceptance to be able to enroll. Subsequently, you must present the official exit documents within the term agreed with our educational authorities.

Cinearte reserves the right to request any additional information necessary, above and beyond the requirements mentioned, in order to evaluate your potential as an applicant and achieve your academic success.