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Cinematography | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
cinematografia Cinematography | I do not know what to study

The Cinematography career has as purpose train professionals of this discipline with knowledge of interpretation and filmmaking.

Studying a career in cinematography is an excellent option if you are interested in visual arts, film, production and if you are in one of the most decisive moments of your life, which is choosing your professional career.

What is cinematography?

When we hear this word, the first thing that comes to mind is cinema or videos, and indeed cinematography is the art of moving images, as is the case with a movie. This activity is carried out with video cameras, and its purpose is to capture moving images, generally accompanied by sound. The role of creativity is very important in this area.

Cinematography is a career that aims to teach the student the technique and art of the cinematographic areas of production, filmmaking, documentary, artistic direction, script, sound, animation, editing and post-production through audiovisual theory.

In this way, the graduates of the Bachelor of Cinematography have the knowledge of film language and audiovisual, as well as the theory and practice of the different areas and specialties that are part of the discipline.

The cinematography It is about taking a story to an audiovisual format, so it is difficult to describe exactly what the person who is received in this career will dedicate himself to, since, due to the nature of the career, he will be able to work in any of the various areas of the cinematography.

If I decide to study cinematography, what will my role as a professional be?

Being a professional in cinematography you can have several tasks in the film industry, such as directing all the aspects that are necessary for the creation of those moving images, for example, a movie; the lighting, the filters to be used, the aesthetics and the handling of the cameras.


The function falls on creativity and decision-making in the filming of the film, this encompasses everything related to production and other aspects that must be analyzed for the elaboration of the work.

If you decide to study cinematography, it is essential that you like teamwork, since upon graduation you will find a work environment that requires the collaboration of multiple people, since to make a film requires more than one professional, so If logistics organization and personal management are among your strengths, you have one more reason to choose this career.

The Bachelor of Cinematography You will have mastery of all these knowledge such as filmmaking, as well as set design, lighting, sound, photography, documentary, filmmaking, animation and post-production in general. This means that this career offers multiple possibilities of working in the audiovisual field and, specifically, in the world of cinema.

What are the qualities that I must have to study the cinematography career?

As a cinematography student it is good to have certain characteristics, which although it is true, you can acquire and learn in the course of the career, it would be even better if they were already part of you, such as being an observant and detailed person, already that these virtues are necessary in the creation of a cinematographic work.

Ingenuity and creativity go hand in hand in this professional career, and that is why as a cinematography student you will find yourself with assignments that will test your abilities to imagine and create.

If you choose to study cinematography, visual memory will help you on the way to your goal of graduating and later exercising, as well as having criteria and facilities to understand the symbols, the connection between them; the ability to visually organize items and adaptability to different jobs. Everything previously said is related to art, we must not forget that cinematography is considered the seventh art.

Cinematography labor field

The graduate in cinematography can work in the media and related, this could be mainly in the cinema, as well as on television, or creating videos or other audiovisual materials.

The training offered by the career allows to participate in any project that involves audiovisual and multimedia production, but also allows to be an educator in case one of the interests of the professional is teaching.

Regarding the economic profitability that studying cinematography can generate, this will depend on the professional and their success, since being related to cinema, everything is a matter of the film or audiovisual material made and the reception of the public. A good professional in this area, who is successful, gets good remuneration.

Advantages of studying cinematography

We have already commented on a couple of benefits that this career generates, such as the development of creativity and ingenuity; but we can also say that it is a great advantage for the student who wants to learn interesting topics, since it moves away from the topics of classical formalistic careers, and approaches creative, analytical, interpretive and artistic subjects.

The educational process is very dynamic; in addition to the fact that the great current presence of cinema and its influence, motivates more and more people to study this career, whose industry is global.

Fame and recognition is another advantage, but it must be taken into consideration that this does not happen in all cases, it depends largely on the work and project of the professional, adding to this, that it is necessary to have financial resources both to study the career, for being the same costly, as well as for the realization of personal projects in the exercise.

In short, studying cinematography is a great experience for anyone who wants to be an artist and especially anyone who wants a career that can give them good public recognition.

How to know if cinematography is the ideal career?

If you like films and other audiovisual materials, you want to know the whole process of creation, management and operation of this industry, you are passionate about art and you are an observant and detailed person who would like to leave a legacy to society, this career is one of the best options for you.

In case you consider that you do not have developed the characteristics of a professional in cinematography that we have exposed in this article, but you like it and would be interested in studying it, do not be discouraged, you can develop your potential during your studies, the most important thing is May you have the interest and desire to make your mark in this beautiful profession.