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Citizen Security | I do not know what to study

abril 2, 2021
Estudiar seguridad ciudadana Citizen Security | I do not know what to study

By Citizen Security we can understand a set of actions aimed at guaranteeing the safety of the inhabitants and their property.

Why study Citizen Security?

Citizen Security is a booming career today. The graduate in this area of ​​study will incorporate knowledge that will help him deal with one of the problems of this time: social insecurity.

The Citizen Security professional will learn to address solutions in pursuit of a better coexistence of citizens, through the analysis, planning, implementation and evaluation of different innovative proposals that attempt against crime and mainly against insecurity in general terms.

Citizen Security Studies
Citizen security

Citizen Security is one of the major concerns of the states at present and the different policies that are addressed to eradicate violence and marginality from the streets are designed from this proposal of study and knowledge.

As a professional in this area, you will be able to contribute to the strengthening of the institutions in charge of safeguarding the safety of citizens and ultimately, you will help to build a much more peaceful coexistence between the different sectors of society.

What is Citizen Security about?

This training offers knowledge about the different disciplines related to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the phenomenon of citizen security. The main purpose of the degree is to train professionals who are capable of safeguarding collective security, through different practices and proposals aimed at producing a positive change in the actions of the institutions that protect the safety of citizens and thus also produce a transformation in the whole of society.

What Citizen Security seeks is to eliminate all those latent and notorious threats that seek to unprotect or harm citizens, their assets and their institutions.

Duration of the Citizen Security career

The Citizen Security career lasts for between two and four years, which is subject to the type of training chosen. The technical courses can last between two and three years, while the Bachelor’s degree will take about four years, although this will also depend on the country in which this training is given.

What is the job opportunity of the Citizen Security professional?

The Citizen Security professional may work in government institutions linked to the security area, providing their contribution in diagnostic tasks, prevention or in the implementation of measures aimed at preserving social order. In the same way, you may serve in government agencies that work on the social reintegration of certain groups of individuals.

You will also be able to work in non-governmental organizations, in institutions and companies, both public and private, that carry out citizen security programs.

In the area of ​​health and education, the contribution of this professional can also be very useful, mainly in response to crime prevention measures.

Another role that may be assumed by whoever chooses the Citizen Security career is that of consultant and advisor. In this case, you will be able to collaborate as such in public and private institutions and in security companies.

Advantages of studying Citizen Security

The main advantage is that as a Citizen Security professional you will be involved in a problem that is currently a concern of many states and therefore, your contribution to society will be very valuable.

Another benefit associated with this career is the variety of fields of application that it has and the possibilities that the graduate has to work in various sectors, not only public or private, but also areas such as education or health.

Precisely, by acquiring knowledge in crime prevention, this type of professional usually has a quick job exit, which represents another considerable advantage of the profession.

Disadvantages of studying Citizen Security

In some countries, the academic offer in Citizen Security is limited and often even limited to security forces such as the Police, both being, two different careers actually.

It can also be a tough career as many times work in unfavorable contexts and with individuals who clearly have had or have to face difficult processes, such as having been victims of crime or being in a situation of social reintegration.

Where to study Citizen Security? How long is the race?

In Argentina You can opt for a tertiary degree, which would be a technical degree that usually lasts a minimum of two yearsOr, choose a degree with a duration of between three and four years. The main institutions that dictate this career are: University of Morón, National University of Lanús, University of Aconcagua, University of Salvador, University Institute of the Argentine Federal Police, Catholic University of Salta, National University of Villa María, National University of the Litoral, etc.

In Chile It is possible to study Citizen Security mainly as a postgraduate, with a duration of approximately one year. This training class is taught at the University of Chile and at the Alberto Hurtado University.

In Mexico The Bachelor’s Degree in Citizen Security is offered, the duration of which is generally between four and five years. The centers that offer this career are: University of Guadalajara, University of the Valley of Mexico, Autonomous University of the State of Morelos, Digital University of the State of Mexico, etc.