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Clothing Design | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021

The apparel design is what its name indicates: involves the creation and manufacture of clothing. Like all types of design in general, this one too is hundreds of years old, but not so long ago it became a college degree. Apparel designers seek to find a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

All historical epochs have been defined by a fashion; clothing designers put their creativity at the service of fashion and always seek to innovate, make garments attractive, useful and resistant, and that their use is extended as much as possible. They know the process of creating clothes from the beginning. Generate an idea, draw it, make a mold to cut the fabric, choose the appropriate fabric, cut it and finally sew the pieces to close the cycle: see that original idea materialize.

Apparel Design Labor Field

The apparel designer You have many job options to help your career flourish. Some designers they work in clothing brands, designing new garments and adapting the style of the brand to current fashion without losing its essence. They also work independently, designing clothing for their own brand.

On the ground of the teaching they can also perform: giving design classes, from cut and confection, from history of fashion. Not only apparel designers find their professional development in their own or third-party brands. Many times they choose to enter the world of cinema, TV and shows; they work there like costumers.

The creative possibilities that apparel design has are endless, the road is exciting and those who choose to travel it will find an ideal terrain to expand all their creativity.