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Communication | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
quieres estudiar comunicacion Communication | I do not know what to study

Communication is very wide. Studying Communication is an ideal choice for those who do not like to get bored and get trapped in structures.

Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the Nebrija University

What is studied in communication? What scope does it have?

In the Communication career Various topics are studied, depending on the university that dictates it and the specialty to which it is inclined. You can learn some concepts of philosophy, psychology, design, advertising, the right to information (related to the laws that affect the communication field), the technological aspects of communication, how to compile statistics and its various techniques, the fundamental concepts of the economy to understand it and to be able to incorporate them for daily life, a bit of national history.

Communication is a university degree?

Despite what many believe or do not know, the Communication career exists and is one of the youngest. This career was born by the dynamics of societies and the need to study different aspects of the communicative relationships of human beings. Why study communication? is the question that many ask themselves before making the decision of which career to follow to train. Communication is an alternative for students who like to acquire knowledge of different branches, to observe and analyze.

Do you want to study Communication
Do you want to study Communication?

Advantages of studying communication

One of the great advantages of the Communication career is that one does not have to wait to be received to begin the job search. The communicator can gain extensive experience exercising his profession in different professional fields, which will enrich the wealth of knowledge that he gains upon completing the communication degree. It also provides the student with different concepts that can be very useful to address different problems and occupy different jobs.

Disadvantages of studying communication

The disadvantages of communication is knowing how, what many call “know how”. The student may have spent years studying, but if he does not know how to use that learning and put it into practice, the university degree obtained will not do much good. That is why it is important to learn in different areas, at the same time that the course of the race passes. This disadvantage is closely related to the advantage that we mentioned earlier.

What is communication for?

Through the different subjects that are taught, the student, worth the redundancy, learns to communicate, to express himself and to make himself understood. Learning and capturing what is taught in this type of career is very valuable, since it will be up to the student later on how to use it in life and in their work. Communication is used for all work spaces, the communicator must know how to sell his services and his capacities to achieve the success of his goal.

What do those who study communication work on?

Those who study communication can work both in a company in the area of ​​marketing, marketing, advertising. They can develop their work in any medium, be it graphic, television, radio or digital. Students can engage in different aspects of studying Communication, whether in counseling in private entities, the design of supports to provide information, teaching, advertising writing and the assembly of mass dissemination projects.

What tasks does a communicator do?

You can organize the communication of an entity, either external or internal. In many cases, the work of a communicator is requested in the face of a bad relationship within a company, either between employees or between the different hierarchies that are within an entity. You can make newsletters, newspapers, magazines, do journalism work. The Communication career has the ductility of being able to adapt to different areas, in this sense students may have a greater taste for writing or speaking, but they must have both developed capacities to compete in the labor market and be able to succeed in it. .

Working in Communication
Working in Communication

Is the communication career called the same everywhere?

The communication career has different names, as well as there are also careers that are specified in a certain type of communication. It can be called: communication, communication sciences, social communication sciences, media analyst and planner, language and communication teaching; also depending on the country.

In which universities is communication studied?

In Argentina the most renowned university that dictates this career is the University of Buenos Aires, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

In Ecuador, the career is called Bachelor of Social Communication, at the Metropolitan University, which is located in Quito, Machala and Guayaquil.

In Chile offers a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

In Spain, the Audiovisual Communication career, is dictated at the Nebrija University, in Madrid.