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Computer science | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021

The Computer Science study focuses its objective on taking advantage of computational resources in companies.

The Computer Science degree prepares professionals in the area of ​​computer science with a base in the latest technologies and mathematics. Its objective is to take greater advantage of information in companies to improve decision-making through operational resources such as computer equipment.

The graduate acquires knowledge of administration, economics at a cost benefit level, legal regulations, hardware, software, data structures and programming languages.

The computer scientist designs solutions that optimize the development of the company’s tasks, participates in action strategies, develops simulation models, raises feasibility studies for computer projects and adapts their designs to the available resources.

A Computer Science Engineer can work as a Database Minister (DBA) performing administration and engineering tasks for multiple databases and is responsible for complex multi-platform distributed database environments.

The field of work is very broad, from Banks and Universities to independent projects designed for certain types of public or private companies. It is a career of many years of study and opens specialties in health, education or graphics.

The graduate demonstrates an interest in order, learning new knowledge as consequences of the emergence of technologies, the practice of mathematical concepts for system programming and an ability to accept market innovations.