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Concierge | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
conserje tareas.614x0 is Concierge | I do not know what to study

What is a janitor?

All high-end hotels have these friendly people. They are often recognized as the face of the institutions they serve. They know how to find attractions and places of interest for the guest or customer, as well as having a name and number agenda that can facilitate any unique and challenging request.

The beginnings of this profession date back to medieval times. The French nobles left the care of their castles, their residents and their guests in the hands of an individual. These people were called the ‘keepers of the candles’ or ‘comte de los cerges’ in French and were entrusted with the keys to the castle, although work today still involves making an individual’s stay or trip be memorable, beyond this level of service.

What does a janitor do?

What a janitor does today depends largely on the type of institution or facility that employs him. This is mainly due to the fact that the needs of the clients or guests of these facilities vary. Therefore, the responsibilities of those who work for a hotel vary somewhat from those who work for cruise ships, casinos, resorts, individuals, corporations, and so on.

However, there are duties and responsibilities that are common across the board. Among these, the most important is attentive communication. Custodians are often in charge when clients have concerns or needs that need to be addressed.

conserje tareas.614x0 is Concierge | I do not know what to study

Another common concierge responsibility is to be a resource for information on how to enjoy the services offered by a facility, as well as those in its surroundings. Concierges are expected to be able to learn the best possible routes from one point to another, whether on foot, by taxi, by public transportation, or by private vehicle. People look to a concierge to find information about events, sights, destinations, and other things they may be interested in.

In addition to being a trusted source of local information, part of the job is being able to book guests different events, make reservations at their intended destinations, or find and buy tickets. They can also help make appointments or help organize the client or guest’s itinerary so that they can make the most of their stay.

What is the workplace of a janitor like?

A concierge is no longer limited to hotels and resorts. They are working on cruise ships, for travel companies, corporations, community service centers, and even individuals. Various aspects of work are assigned to certain team members, so the workload is distributed and easier to accomplish. In addition, some companies offer concierge services to individuals and businesses.