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Consortium Administration | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
NSQE administracion de consorcios Consortium Administration | I do not know what to study

The Consortium Administration’s main objective is the correct management and organization of a set of real estate.

What is and what does the person received from this career do?

Like any other administrator, the consortium administrator is the person in charge of correctly managing and organizing a set of real estate in order for them to function according to the needs of its inhabitants or users. Therefore, the above means that the student of this career will have the necessary tools to achieve a better standard of living for the population, mainly in urban areas.

Among other things, consortium administrators receive comprehensive training that allows them solve different problems related to real estate, its operation, regulation and financial situation, among other things. In this sense, some of the topics that the Consortium Administration student will address during the career are administration, finance, economic theory, statistics, law, architecture, business and marketing.

Consortium Administration Illustration

The job opportunities of those who decide to study this career are large. For example, you can dedicate to the auction, brokerage or appraisal, to execution of court judgments, What intermediary for buying and selling or to resolution any administrative problem that has to do with different properties such as residential buildings, offices, shopping centers, industrial parks, sports clubs, marinas, social centers, etc.