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Cultural Management | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
NSQE gestion cultural Cultural Management | I do not know what to study

The study of the Cultural Management career allows planning and organizing events related to various cultural issues.

The Cultural Management career provides tools and teaches skills to carry out sociocultural and educational activities in order to revalue these areas in each community. Graduates interpret the available resources to design and focus efforts in the direction of counseling that focuses on cultural areas.

The Cultural Manager develops his work in public or private sectors and his main tasks are the execution, conduction and monitoring of those previously planned activities. It can act in social sectors such as cultural centers, educational institutions or the creation of its own cultural enterprises.

The professional acquires a knowledge of the dissemination and communication techniques of the modern world in order to apply them in ideas and cultural events. It is a career that increases creativity, independent work and participation within the regional cultures of society. Graduates can carry out analysis of the context of reality before launching an artistic, cultural or educational event and coordinate the organization of work teams to distribute the tasks of a project according to the human and economic resources available. Cultural Management The degree provides skills to critically analyze aspects related to art and culture.