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Dentistry | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
NSQE odontologia Dentistry | I do not know what to study

The career of Dentistry is focused on providing a service of oral care and improvement of patients.

The study of Dentistry seeks to train professionals capable of treating patients with oral complaints or emergencies, preventing ailments during rehabilitation and providing services in clinical spaces and public or private hospitals. Using his knowledge, he analyzes the health of the patient’s mouth to detect bacteria and cavities, among other questions.

The Dentist applies various methods to assist and intervene in the patient, uses a large number of resources during the process, performs dental cleanings, whitening, attends emergencies and performs surgical extractions such as wisdom teeth. He can carry out his work as an independent in case of attending his own office and has a constant motivation to apply his knowledge and add new ones in case of innovations in the health area.

The degree requires many years of study and practice prior to obtaining the degree, provides knowledge to research and participate in conferences related to oral health and can teach at universities. The curriculum is oriented towards people who appreciate aesthetics, with great coordination and manual skills management, an orderly and detailed character and who feel comfortable in the care and attention of patients.


Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage to study Dentistry are:

  • Possibility of working in the public or private sector.
  • Opportunity to create your own office and serve patients independently.
  • Good economic remuneration.
  • Help patients with emergencies.
  • It is a career that allows you to apply skills and knowledge constantly.

The disadvantages of the career are:

  • Broad job competition.
  • It requires a lot of reading.
  • It requires constant practice before receiving the degree.
  • Material resources to care for patients are expensive.
  • Wide time range in case of attending emergencies.