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Design careers | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
donde estudiar diseño de indumentaria Design careers | I do not know what to study

Design has different faces and each one can be exciting and magical. Here we leave you the information you need to know the different branches that it can offer you.

Design careers have the particularity of adding a quota of imagination to a person’s life. Not only do you need to be interested in studying and knowing them, but you also need a pinch of creativity, feeding it with different tools to be able to progress on that challenging path that is design.

As with each career, it may happen that we find different levels of study in terms of design branches, that is why some educational entities offer them as university degrees and in others a tertiary or technical career may be carried out, such as is usually called.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, new design degrees have now been opened. This has resulted in many thinking that certain types of design tools, such as 3D, are better to study based on tutorials, but others still consider that a university base can collaborate in what it does to a designer’s job prospects. These cases usually appear when the profession leads to the use of digital tools, since from theory to practice there is often an abyss that educational entities cannot bridge.
Some design careers tend to be very popular and there are specific countries or educational institutions where students recommend studying them.

Graphic design
The planning and projection, the implementation of different concepts that make the design through different supports. This branch of design is like the mother of many others where the professional can then choose to focus on specific supports. In recent times, he has been gaining work tools thanks to new technologies that facilitate his daily work for the designer.

Clothing Design
Also known as Fashion or Costume Design, it is a career that provides knowledge about art, key concepts of clothing throughout history. It is about programming and developing notions about the types of clothing that are used. In some entities it is offered together with Textile Design, which has as its axis what is related to stamping and its originality.

Where to study Clothing Design
Where to study Clothing Design?

Image and sound design
In this career, concepts are basically taught so that the professional is qualified to make audiovisual productions that have related aesthetic and appropriate technical issues. To reach this goal, subjects related to sound, montage, media history, aesthetics of different audiovisual media such as cinema, television are studied, and concepts of photography are also observed.

Study Image and Sound Design
Study Image and Sound Design

Video Game Design
To pursue this career and be an ace in this branch of design, it is important not only to have creativity, but also to know how to draw, to know a little bit of programming. During the degree, notions of script, 3D modeling, audio are offered, as well as different programs that are used to develop these applications that also have their narrative side.

Why study Videogame Design
Why study Video Game Design?

We leave you a wide range of options regarding the different careers and universities and educational institutions that offer the best courses on design:

In the Argentina Design careers can be studied in different educational institutions. With regard to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, the public entity of the University of Buenos Aires has an international prestige, where emphasis is placed on the theoretical, philosophical and artistic area of ​​the concepts that lead a designer to use your mind and practice your imagination through your projects in design. Unlike other universities, here the accent is not placed on digital programs that are used to design, but rather has a style of particular demand for its students to train the best professionals in the world. One of the great advantages offered by the university is that it is open to students from any part of the world who wish to enroll, it is free and certain requirements must be presented. Careers offered include Image and Sound Design, Clothing and Textile Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, and Landscape Design.
With regard to the private sphere, there are other institutions that offer a tertiary degree and are characterized by incorporating into the curriculum digital tools that help students to develop different designs, among the most prestigious, the Da Vinci School can be taken into account. and the Gutenberg Foundation. In the first, careers such as Multimedia Design, Web Design, Animation and Game Design, and Graphic Design are taught. In the second, careers such as Graphic Design and Audiovisual Design can be pursued. In both, courses are offered that aim to collaborate with the illustration applications that designers use, so that it can be developed through the new tools that are offered in the market.

In Brazil It is one of the countries most chosen by Latin American students to study things related to 3D design. One of the most mentioned places to carry out these particular animation and third dimension studies is CADRITECH, where there is an excellent workspace for students and the latest technologies in design tools are provided. The student can choose the course that he likes the most or that suits his interests.

In addition, Facultades Metropolitanas Unidas offers the possibility of pursuing different careers related to design such as Graphic Design or Interior Design with a technical degree and graduation in the Fashion or Design career.

In Chile Regarding the latest technologies, there is a University that students recommend for the development of 3D, the Gabriela Mistral University. There, through its Faculty of Digital Arts, the Bachelor’s degree in 3D Digital Animation and Visual Effects can be carried out. Here not only is a university degree offered, but also a student profile that has the necessary knowledge to have a base with theoretical notions and can cope with the digital technologies that you need.

With regard to clothing design, Universidad del Pacífico is the most recommended in terms of the prestige of its entity and the profile of the career it offers, called Costume and Textile Design, with an approximate duration of five years. You can also recommend the Duoc Professional Institute, which offers the degree in eight semesters and offers other professional courses such as Costume Design, Industrial Design, Graphic Design and Environmental Design.

In Colombia You can study the career of Digital Engineering, Art and 3D Design at the Nueva Granada Military University, as its name indicates, many students say that it is a career that tries to cover too much knowledge in a single course but for those seeking a university degree it is the best option you can find regarding the latest digital advancements in design. With respect to other institutions that provide knowledge in this field, it is also recommended to study at the SENA institute, which offers courses of approximately two years duration and provides an attractive training for students in relation to 3D animation.
In relation to other design careers, the National University of Colombia is recommended to study what is related to Graphic Design, as well as Industrial Design.

In Spain, in the Canary Islands: University of La Laguna (ULL), VIC: University of VIC (UVIC), Madrid: Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), the Higher School of Professional Drawing of Madrid. In this school you can take different courses, since it offers the option of a broad course or some specialization, with a duration of one or three years. They focus specifically on what is Animation and Graphic and Digital Design.

Another recommended option for studies related to design is the University School of Design and Innovation and Technology with a Degree in Design and Development of Videogames, Graphic and Multimedia Design, Fashion Design and Interior Design with the endorsement of the Camilo José University Cela.

In Mexico Through the Universidad Tecnológica de Monterrey you can study a Bachelor’s degree in Design, Animation and Digital Art.

For those who specifically want to study animation, students recommend taking specialization courses at Ars Animation School, where they can also enroll in workshops.
In addition, the Autonomous Metropolitan University is one of the most chosen when studying Graphic Design, there a course of twelve semesters is offered, and you can also study Industrial Design, as well as Graphic Communication Design, in these careers a Bachelor’s degree.

In Portugal Through its University of Évora, it offers a Design career where different subjects related to this discipline are taught so that the student can have a wide range of knowledge, such as lighting design, advertising, 3D modeling, visual communication, among others.

In Venezuela: in Barcelona the Rodolfo Loero Arismendi University Institute of Industrial Technology offers the training of Higher University Technician in Graphic Design, with a duration of 3 years.
In Barquisimeto, the Rodolfo Loero Arismendi University Institute of Industrial Technology offers the training of Higher University Technician in Graphic Design, with a duration of 3 years.
In Caracas, the José María Vargas University, through the School of Design, offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design with 180 credits and a Higher Technical University in Graphic Design with 114 credits.
In Caracas, the Las Mercedes University Institute of Design offers training in graphic design with a duration of 6 semesters.
In Caracas, the Rodolfo Loero Arismendi University Institute of Industrial Technology offers the training of Higher University Technician in Graphic Design, with a duration of 3 years.
In Cagua, the Pascal University Institute of Technology offers the training of Higher Technician in Graphic Design or Advertising Design, with a duration of 6 semesters.
In Carabobo, the Arturo Michelena University offers a Bachelor of Art with a major in Graphic Design.
In Ciudad Bolívar, the Rodolfo Loero Arismendi University Institute of Industrial Technology offers the …