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Do you want to be a dentist? | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021

What would I have to do if I wanted to study dentistry?

Many times we have heard this question, Nora Armada, currently retired after 30 years in the profession, helps us respond.

Nora, What would I have to do if I wanted to study dentistry?

As a first step, I would tell you to visualize the treatments carried out in their daily practice by a dentist, ask a friend or someone in your family for help, or in a public hospital requesting it from the head of the service or even better if you can contact a professional professor of the dental school. As there are many specialties that the career has, when taking it, one can already see what he likes best, for example: Surgery, Children, Endodontics, Prosthesis, Orthodontics, etc. Choosing will be your decision. Do not forget, that you will be the architect of the mouthYou must have craftsmanship and a sense of plans adapted to dentistry.

In Buenos Aires it is a career that, prior to 1 year of entry course (and passing it), 5 years are very intense ( Usually it is taken morning and afternoon (it has practices that are very necessary) so if you have to work, your study can be prolonged.

With the above described, you should take into account: having a handicraft (that you like to work with your hands), having a sense of craftsmanship, a sense of beauty (one of the main reasons for consultation), and knowing that many of your patients will have pain Considering these questions you are on your way.

What advice can you give to a newly graduated dentist?

As a newcomer, my advice is:

1.- That you train (it is the best time invested), because what they teach you in the career is not enough, you must improve your area, keep in mind that the patient who attends your office must feel confident of your ability and this is achieved with constant information, since both techniques and materials are constantly changing, and this is good, always for the benefit of the patient, and he should know that you take care of that.

2.- Do not settle for seeing a single professional, since it may not give you a clear overview of the development of the profession, or because it only performs one discipline or because it is a clinician that covers several specialties and can confuse you. Being a conscientious professional, the health area gives you a special sense of responsibility, which if everyone succeeded, would be the perfect wish.

And any negative points?

The downside of studying dentistry:
You will be exposed to contagion of important risk diseases (accidents do happen, even with great precautions). You must be prepared for unpleasant conditions in the mouth and face, odorous situations, septic sources, blood, oral cancer and their locations.

Thank you very much Nora for your advice, something to finish?

Think of everything and then decide. Lucky.