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Do you want to study Clothing Design?

abril 1, 2021
buenos aires runway diseño y moda Do you want to study Clothing Design?

¿Why study Apparel Design?

Original objects have been highly valued for some time, and as far as studying is concerned, studying Clothing Design is in fashion.

The Clothing Design career It is chosen by both men and women who like to create, through fabrics, outfits with a personal touch. The vast majority seek to set trends or create designs that can be adapted to people who do not find what they are looking for in stores when buying their clothes. The student may have different concepts to create their pieces, since sometimes they try to address old trends and other times they apply new, avant-garde techniques, to achieve a distinctive garment that stands out from the rest.

What is studied in the career of Clothing Design?

The design career has a wide scope depending on the one studied, since some universities include in this career not only the development of clothing design but also textile, therefore concepts are applied in figurines and also issues related to the design of the fabric, in terms of its pattern, texture, colors, depending on the trend of the season and the culture of the country in question. The person who decides to study Clothing Design will be trained not only to develop a textile production, impose styles and give rise to a brand, but will also be able to analyze and advise on the social and psychological aspects related to fashion. The subjects vary according to the university where it is studied, generally the themes of drawing, molding, consumer behavior, aesthetics, etc. are dictated.

Buenos Aires Runway, design and fashion
Buenos Aires Runway, design and fashion

How long is the career in Clothing Design?

When choosing to study Clothing Design, one finds two possibilities of studying, since one can choose to enroll in a Bachelor’s degree, having an average duration of 4 years, or to achieve a technical degree of approximately 2 to 3 years, depending on the university selected and the subjects offered in it. Some colleges that offer a bachelor’s degree have an intermediate degree in garment design technician, so you can continue with your studies or simply obtain a technical degree.

Advantages of studying Clothing Design.

One of the advantages that studying Clothing Design offers is the openness that it creates for the student to let themselves be carried away by their creativity, the student is taught to observe and then translate into fabrics or garments what arose in their ideas. The aesthetic and the cultural are important for this profession and are linked concepts that are transmitted throughout the course.

Disadvantages of studying Clothing Design.

The world of fashion is particular and is managed in a very competitive and sometimes imitative market, therefore innovation must be appealed to in order to stand out and distinguish itself from the garments that already exist or appeal to a particular benefit that attracts the customer. public. Creativity in the professional is a characteristic that must be counted on when pursuing this style of careers.

What tasks does an apparel designer perform?

The designer can be employed in a recognized brand, or work in entities that are dedicated to the production of clothing, in addition to having the advantage of working on their own, expressing their own ideas in a wardrobe. Usually he develops his project through figurines, putting his imagination on paper and then transferring that project to the cuts. Some designers work with workshops, so they do not dedicate themselves to sewing but to drawing up the concepts and creating the molds so that they are later made. You can also advise different personalities, since studying Clothing Design offers the possibility of working on channels, television programs or in cinema. You can develop underwear, footwear, haute couture; the wardrobe is varied and can be devoted to a specific branch or extended to all areas. To get a good job you need to know the trends that come from other countries, look at magazines with colors, textures and patterns.

Where to study Clothing Design
Where to study Clothing Design?

Where do you study Clothing Design?

In Spain, those interested in studying the career of Clothing Design, can enroll in the European Institute of Design, IED with offices in Madrid and Barcelona.
In Argentina, the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) grants a Bachelor’s degree in Clothing and Textile Design.
In Chile, the Universidad del Pacífico dictates the Costume and Textile Design career.
In Mexico, the Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico City offers a Bachelor’s degree in Clothing and Fashion Design.