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Do you want to study Graphic Design? | I do not know what to study

marzo 30, 2021
disenador trabajando.539x0 is Do you want to study Graphic Design? | I do not know what to study

Imagination is an essential tool in the human being, a distinctive characteristic that is put into motion when studying Graphic Design.

Josetxo Aldunate, Creative Director at iLUNE, tells us about graphic design and why he chose this career for his future.

Why study Graphic Design?

Studying Graphic Design achieves an excellent combination between manual and digital art. This is happening today due to the constant innovation that occurs in the computing area, which has become a fundamental tool for this profession, achieving a permanent link between what is theory and what is practical.

Graphic design is an art that has been growing for some time thanks to digital drawing and image design programs. It is also a work that adapts to modern times and that can combine retro with something more contemporary, and adapt to different social situations. Graphic Design is the ideal career for those who have a great imagination, a taste for aesthetics and like to innovate in various aspects. Given the uncertainty that arises as to why study graphic design? It can be answered that it is a career that provides various tools to work, so it also provides different spaces to apply knowledge in a variety of areas.

Required skills

Graphic designers must be creative. They must be able to communicate their ideas in writing, visually and verbally. And because consumer tastes change rapidly, graphic artists and designers must be read, open to new ideas and influences, and quick to react to changing trends.

Problem solving skills, paying attention to detail, and the ability to work independently and under pressure are also important characteristics for the graphic artist. Graphic artists and designers need self-discipline to initiate projects on their own, budget their time, and meet production deadlines and schedules. Good business sense and sales skills are also important, especially for those who are freelancers or have their own graphic design business.

At the beginning of their careers, graphic designers they generally receive on-the-job training. This is where most graphic designers develop a specialization. They need one to three years of training and experience before they can advance to higher-level positions. Your new skills developed with a specialized area of ​​graphic design often determine your career paths.

Experienced graphic designers at large design firms may advance to chief designer, art or creative director, or other supervisory positions. Some graphic artists or designers leave the profession to become teachers in design schools or in colleges and universities.

disenador trabajando.539x0 is Do you want to study Graphic Design? | I do not know what to study

What is studied in the career of Graphic Design? What is its scope?

The scope of studying Graphic Design is really wide, since macro and micro tasks can be carried out at an international level. It is a career where visual communication predominates, the transmission of images together with certain ideas. Some of the subjects that can be found in the course range from ancient art, the different currents that were happening through the centuries, as well as the topics that deal with social psychology are important, to understand the different profiles with the ones that can be worked on; language, fonts. It is a career that finds a harmony between aesthetics, technology and perception.

How long is the career of Graphic Design?

The technical degree has an approximate duration of 3 years, but if the decision is made to continue and obtain the bachelor’s degree, it can be extended and have a total of 4 years of study. In addition, courses on digital programs can be taken to complement the knowledge that the career has provided.

Advantages of studying Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a career that offers different possibilities, it can be adapted to the work of a team, within a company, or be an independent job, which is known as “free lance”. The graphic designer can work as a project leader or be an arm of a group.

Disadvantages of studying Graphic Design

One of the disadvantages that can be found within the course of this career, is the demand of the teachers before the presentation of works. The practical area demands not only the staging of the theory, but also an investment of time on the part of the student, since many hours must be used, in some situations, to present a correct work.

What tasks does a graphic designer perform?

In its essence, the task of the graphic designer is to communicate a concept, an idea through his creativity, to know how to transmit it and to reach the desired interpretation from the other side. The designer can carry out work within what is framed as project and planning, can work in advertising design, web design, multimedia design, typographic design, information design, packaging design, editorial design, corporate identity design. The graphic designer can collaborate or specialize in different areas and collaborate with both urban and business developments, having knowledge of what design is and how to plan it, using it to solve different situations. The professional of this career can perform in what are the tasks of a printing company, or of a company, or of an advertising agency.

elementos del disenador.541x0 is Do you want to study Graphic Design? | I do not know what to study

Where do you study Graphic Design?

Study Graphic Design in Argentina
In Argentina, the career of graphic designer is offered in both the public and private spheres. The University of Buenos Aires offers the title of Graphic Designer, as well as the University of Business and Social Sciences grants the Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication.

Study Graphic Design in Chile
In Chile, the University of Chile grants the academic title of Bachelor of Design with a mention in graphics.

Study Graphic Design in Colombia
The Santo Tomás University (First university cloister of Colombia) offers the Graphic Design program with a duration of 10 semesters.

Study Graphic Design in Spain
Within Spain, the Multimedia and Graphic Design career is offered at the Camilo José Cela University, in the private area in Madrid, and at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in a public way.

Study Graphic Design in Mexico
In Mexico, the Autonomous University of Mexico, through its National School of Plastic Arts, dictates the career for a Bachelor of Graphic Design.

Study Graphic Design in Uruguay
In Uruguay, the Universidad de la Empresa awards the title of Technical in Graphic Design.