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Do you want to study graphology? | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
quieres estudiar grafologia Do you want to study graphology? | I do not know what to study

Why should you consider graphology as a career?

Did you ever think that graphology could become your profession? The graphologist is basically an expert in charge of the identification and classification of the characteristics of an individual. The main source of information that this class of professional uses is the person’s manuscript.

Graphology is the science that studies the personality and behavior of people through their calligraphy and the distribution of texts.

The degree in graphology is tertiary and the degree obtained by the graduate is that of a technical degree, which enables him to work in various sectors, which is due to the nature of this profession, since through the tools incorporated throughout After training, the graphologist technician will be able to act on different areas of analysis in an individual, the most common being intellectual, emotional and social.

You want to study graphology
Do you want to study graphology?

What does the career in graphology consist of?

This training can last from one to three years (depending on the country), there are also six-month courses. Anyone can study graphology, no prior knowledge is required. Among the subjects that are addressed in the career of graphologist we find: psychology, philosophy, research methodology and writing.

Who can be interested in this profession?

The interest in the career of graphology could be born in observant, analytical people, in whom every detail has a reason, in those who love to investigate, read, those who are attracted to psychology and of course, to the analysis of writing.

What is the scope of the race? What is the job opportunity for the graphologist?

The graphologist will have different sectors in which he can offer his services, but at present, there are three clear segments of wide demand: the psychological, the criminal and the business.

In this way, the professional in graphology will be able to work in mental health centers, in psychologists’ offices, in the justice area, both for the police force and in investigations, in human resources consultancies, in orientation and personnel selection.

Why study graphology?

-Because you are a student of writing.

-Because you enjoy the investigation.

-Because you want to learn to identify the personality of the other through their writings.

-Because it is a short, interesting and complete race.

Data to take into account

Graphology is still a little exploited career, this means that it is not the training most chosen by students, which may represent a more immediate job opportunity, taking into account that the supply of professionals in the sector is not high.

What tasks does a graphologist perform
What tasks does a graphologist perform?

Where to study graphology?

The academic offer in the career of graphology is actually scarce, we find the following institutions that provide training:

In Spain: Sandra Cerro Graphology Center, Documentary Criminalistics Scientific Institute, Graphological Psychological Association of Spain, Spanish Graphology Society, Forensic Graphological Institute, Human Resources, CA Cabinet Graphology, etc.

In Argentina: Higher School of Social Psychology, ICEA Institute of Applied Sciences and Studies, Higher Institute of Health Sciences, Institute of Humanistic Research, CEPEC Institute, Higher Institute of Exchange Teaching, Higher Institute Emerson, etc.

In Mexico: Mexican College of Graphology, Psychology and Development, National Institute of Legal Development, Applied Graphology, Institute of Graphology, Graphoscopy and SC Sciences, etc.

In Colombia: Tudor Academy, Fundación Criminalística Forense Colombia.

In Chile: Institute of Graphology Grafos, Institute of Neuroescript Techniques INGPEC.

In Uruguay: Ma-Pa School, Association of Naturopaths and Holistic Therapists of Uruguay ANTHU.