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Do you want to study human resources? | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
recursos humanos no se que estudiar Do you want to study human resources? | I do not know what to study

The success of companies depends, to some extent, on human resources, but how profitable can this profession be?

Would you like to study Human Resources?

At present, the Human Resources area of ​​a company is of vital importance, because it is thanks to it that its main workforce is managed: human capital. For this reason, any company that is committed to growth and consolidation in its niche, will invest in this area, with which, the professionals who have chosen this career, will be benefited, not only because for some time up to this part, it has grown the demand for HR graduates, but also because the field of application of the knowledge of a professional in this branch is very broad. Opportunities will not be lacking!

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How is the Human Resources career?

Although there are courses in HR, the most complete career is the Bachelor of Human Resources. In this case, the duration of the training ranges from three to five years. In it, subjects related to psychology, economics, business administration and of course, law are addressed, since the Human Resources professional will have to know the labor laws under which the activity of companies and Workers.

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Human Resources, is it for me?

If you are wondering if this is the career that could make you happy, we will tell you that you should bear in mind that this profession is ideal for those who cope without problems in front of different groups of people, for those who enjoy social interaction, for those who have oral and written communication skills, who have leadership skills, who think before acting, are analytical, methodical and show empathy towards others.

Why study Human Resources?

-Because it is a profession with good prospects for the future.

-Because the career is complete and prepares the graduate to perform in various areas of action.

-Because companies have become aware of the importance of human resources in the success of their operations.

-Because the demand for HR professionals does not stop growing.

-Because you can practice both under a dependency relationship in a company, and independently, setting up your own consultancy.

-Because you will be able to collaborate in the welfare of the workers of a company and guarantee, in some way, that their rights are fulfilled.

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Where to study Human Resources?

This is one of the careers of the moment, so the academic offer is very diverse, we summarize the main ones in the following list:

In Spain: Complutense University of Madrid, Carlos III University of Madrid, Rey Juan Carlos University, CEU San Pablo University Madrid, Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​University of Barcelona, ​​University of Girona, Open University of Catalonia, International University of Catalonia, University of València, University of Seville, University of Granada, University of Murcia, University of Zaragoza, University of Malaga, University of La Rioja, University of Córdoba, University of León, University of Oviedo, University of Valladolid, University of Almería, etc.

In Argentina: University of Buenos Aires, University of Morón, University of Belgrano, CAECE University, 21st Century University, University of Business and Social Sciences, Quilmes School of Social Psychology, University Institute of the Argentine School of Business, University of the Merchant Navy, University del Salvador, Catholic University of La Plata, etc.

In Mexico: University of Guadalajara.

In Venezuela: University Institute of Specialized Education.

In Chile: Professional Institute Duoc UC, University of Santiago de Chile, Professional Institute of Chile, etc.

In Uruguay: Universidad de la República, Universidad Católica del Uruguay, Bios, Universidad de la Empresa, ORT, etc.