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Do you want to study political science? | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021

Political Science studies the power relations between different types of authority and individuals.

Political Science is the study of governments, public policies and political processes, systems, as well as political behavior. Where to study this career?

Within the so-called “fashionable careers”, Political Science has earned a place and this is due to the natural essence of the profession, based on the study of the relationships between authority and citizens in a context of constant change. . Because ours is precisely the era of change, since transformation in all aspects of life is already commonplace, the career of political scientist rises as an interesting option.

This type of training focuses on the political processes that take place at the national and international level, trying to interpret the public policies of a State and its scope in the lives of citizens.

What does a political scientist do?

The person who decides to study Political Science will not have the primary purpose of occupying political positions. In fact, there are few cases of graduates of this career who end up doing it. On the other hand, the political scientist will be able to provide answers or solutions to the demands of the citizen, for which he will have to carry out the correct analysis and research on the needs of individuals, the response of the State and the possible failures that arise in communication between both parties.

This professional not only proposes solutions, but also ensures that they are met according to what the law dictates. The legal aspect is precisely another important activity of the political science graduate, since they will have to evaluate the demand and need for legislation that does not yet exist and that citizens and the situation require.

A political scientist is also an expert in political marketing, capable of advising candidates in their electoral campaigns and officials in publishing their actions.
To those who love politics, to those who are interested in knowing each candidate in an electoral campaign, to those who carefully analyze each political speech they hear, to planners, meticulous, enterprising, persuasive, sociable, who enjoy solving social conflicts, those who want to transform society, all of them will find good reasons to study this career.

What is the scope of the profession?

The political scientist’s job opportunities are very broad and the main activities to be developed are distinguished as: research, consulting, teaching, journalism, the development of the profession in public administration, in legislative management, in the field of law. international politics and of course, in the private sector, contributing to the growth of companies and NGOs.

Where to study Political Science?

The incorporation of this career in the academic offer of various universities is already a fact. The most important in Spain: Pompeu Fabra University, Complutense University of Madrid, Carlos III University of Madrid, Autonomous University of Madrid, Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​University of Barcelona, ​​University of Valencia, University of Granada, etc.

In Argentina: University of Buenos Aires, University of Morón, National University of Lanús, National University of La Matanza, National University of Entre Ríos, National University of Comahue, National University of San Juan, University of Palermo, Argentine University of Business, University of Belgrano, National University of Rosario, etc.

In Mexico: National Autonomous University of Mexico, Benemérita Autonomous University of Puebla, Autonomous University of Guadalajara, Metropolitan Autonomous University, etc.

In Venezuela: Universidad Católica del Táchira, Universidad de Los Andes, Universidad del Zulia, Universidad Fermín Toro, etc.

In Colombia: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Universidad de Los Andes, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Universidad de la Sabana, Universidad del Rosario, etc.

In Chile: Universidad de Chile, Universidad Central de Chile, Universidad de Concepción, Universidad Católica de Temuco, Universidad de Los Lagos, Universidad Gabriela Mistral, Universidad del Desarrollo, etc.