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Do you want to study Web Design? | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
como es la carrera de diseño web Do you want to study Web Design? | I do not know what to study

Currently, searches are always carried out through the internet, which is why the work of the web designer has become a demanded profession.

Why study Web Design?

The Web Designer career offers a wide range of job possibilities, it is a profession valued at present. The web designer can develop in different areas and work on their own from their own home. It is a profession where they learn to use programs that can later be used in other areas, they are dynamic and allow the student to capture their imagination in something visual. Studying Web Design conforms to a professional with a career that was born a short time ago, that still has a lot ahead of it, and it is still a sought-after profession.

What is studied in the Web Design career?

The web designer must not only have the knowledge and imagination that a graphic designer has, but must also add the knowledge of programming, where mathematical concepts are applied. In addition, topics related to the psychology of communication, marketing techniques, computer security are studied. It is a career that is related to other topics and that implies a constant link with the computer. The designer must not only put into practice his computer science and creative knowledge, but also must have the perception of the appropriate language that he must use to transmit in the work assigned to him.

How is the career of Web Design
How is the career of Web Design?

How long does Web Design last? What is its scope?

In general, the web design career is short, usually 2 years, since many subjects are seen in a short time. Although before the web designer was limited to certain aspects, today and with the advancement of web 2.0 the designer must expand his knowledge and begin to implement programs that are compatible with the uses that are given to the webs.

Advantages of studying Web Design

The great advantage that studying Web Design offers is the possibility of working independently, since it is usual that both companies and individuals do not use intermediaries to hire services and contact the professional directly.

Disadvantages of studying Web Design

One of the disadvantages that can be observed in this type of profession is linked to the fact that usually those who continue this career also carry out another, since being short it has specific and precise contents of what is essential that you need to know about this profession. Linked to this disadvantage is the fact that being in continuous transformation and evolution, the internet presents changes to which designers must adapt, they must take courses to complement their studies and not be left out of what is used era after era. A clear example of this case is the adaptation that web page designers must make to be compatible with the new smartphones.

What tasks does a web designer perform?

The designer, in addition to using their capabilities to create a web page, must take care of its maintenance, which is why many times they are hired both to renew a website and to keep the information on a page updated. The web designer is the one who has the task of using his imagination and art to create the visual part of a page, as well as developing the content and the way the user will interact with the different sections. In this process, the interaction between images, text, video and sound, which is selected to communicate what is desired, is taken into account. At the same time that the client’s desire is designed and captured, something original must be created that attracts the attention of users, and the page must also be positioned correctly in search engines so that it has a better reach to the target audience. . This is an important task that they must develop through their different capacities, which must be related to achieve the job sought.

Why you should become a web designer
Why should you become a web designer?

Where do you study web design?

In Spain, the CEI School of Design offers two options of courses related to web design, one of them is Intensive Web Design and Creation, and the other is Web Development Technician.
In Colombia, the degree in Technology in Interactive and Multimedia Production is offered at the Autonomous University of the Caribbean.
In Argentina, the Da Vinci school is the most prestigious entity to study the career of Web Design.
In Chile, the Institute of Sciences and Arts offers the possibility of studying Multimedia Production and Web Design.