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Engineer / Systems Engineer | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021

What is a Systems Engineer?

A systems engineer is someone who combines their knowledge of computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis to develop, test, and evaluate software, circuits, personal computers, and more. They are not limited to computer technology engineering, but to understand how that technology fits into the larger scheme of professional and personal needs.

Individuals who choose this career study develop computer technology, understand the underlying concepts of computers, improve current processes and equipment, and integrate hardware and software concepts and programs to produce a fully functional system capable of meeting the needs of their customers.

What a systems engineer do?

Different companies have different needs regarding their computer systems. A manufacturing company may require specialized inventory tracking, billing, payment, and inventory aging capabilities. A government organization will have different needs depending on the services it offers. This occupation combines several different disciplines to create, purchase or install a computer system that is appropriate for each client. Higher mathematics, higher science, and electronics are factors that make up systems engineering.

Systems engineers provide advice to clients regarding the appropriate hardware or software to ensure that their computer systems meet their needs. You can also be practically involved during the project acquisition, installation, testing and implementation phases. Evaluates current systems for effectiveness, makes recommendations regarding the scalability of such systems, and troubleshoots any problems that arise during use of the system.

With the increasing focus on online information sharing, an individual in this occupation reviews a company’s security requirements, their use of online applications ranging from a company website to online shopping or data exchange. personal data and recommends security measures without compromising the sensitive data of its customers.

It also provides its customers with guidance on system capabilities, user interface, security measures, and other pertinent information so that the customer can operate the system on a daily basis and troubleshoot minor problems.

What is the workplace of a systems engineer like?

In a large company, a systems engineer can work in a virtual environment. Your physical location, surroundings, and hours may be of little relevance. In contrast, an engineer supervising a team of workers will occupy a traditional office space and must maintain regular office hours.

A systems engineer who focuses more on the product development side may work in a laboratory or other sterile environment to avoid contamination of the delicate electronics that make up modern computers. One that focuses more on the application side will work in a variety of situations according to the needs of its clients. These situations will also require the engineer to adapt his schedule to accommodate customers’ hours of operation.

Some common positions in the Systems and Engineering area of ​​a company or entity:

  • Systems Technician
  • Computer systems engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Network Support Engineer
  • Cloud Support Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Security Support Engineer
  • Security Engineer
  • Security systems administrator
  • Quality assurance manager