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Environmental Sciences | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021

The race of Environmental sciences aims to obtain tools to develop sustainable systems and solve the inconveniences that man causes in nature.

Graduates of Environmental Sciences have the ability to understand, propose and plan everything necessary to improve the environment through scientific knowledge, natural and humans.

The Environmentalologist, which is the way graduates are known in Environmental sciences, they show an enormous interest in ecology, the land and the environment, and they have multiple knowledge in the area, they design and manage recycling plants, they participate in and know about environmental policies, they manage natural resources, water resources or waste, they manage inventories, environmental catalogs, ecological industries, private companies and also public institutions.

The race of Environmental sciences It is conceived for lovers of science and ecology, for those who wish to propose solutions and the search for sustainable resources in favor of the human being and the earth.

The Environmentalologists They are in charge of promoting the relevance of recycling, the care of water, soil and air pollution, they carry out research and studies on environmental sustainability, carry out commercial and government inspections and seek improve the relationship between society and ours around.