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Fashion Design | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021

The fashion design includes, in addition to apparel design, a study and a deep analysis of society and the culture current.

What is fashion design?

Some people will think that fashion design It is the same as textile manufacturing or clothing design, but it is not. Fashion design is something much broader and includes, in addition to clothing design, an in-depth study and analysis of today’s society and culture.

The work of the designer starts there: in the society observation and from market of the present with the aim of generating new tendencies and also of adapting to the current ones. From this study, combined with their knowledge on design and art, the fashion designer generates textile pieces and accessories to the present and even future fashion.

What does a fashion designer do?

The fashion designer career field It mainly covers everything that is within the textile and personal accessories industry. They can join the staff of an avant-garde clothing brand as designers of new garments. Some also work as freelancers, launching their own clothing lines.

In the field of cinema, TV and theater, designers have a fundamental role: for example, they can work designing the costumes for a movie or series set in the past, and for this they carefully study the period in question, the culture and fashion, and from that they design all the costumes and accessories that the characters will use. Whether your work is good or not is crucial to any staging.

Graduates of the fashion design career have all the tools to develop professionally, using art and technique at the service of their creativity.