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Fashion Design | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
quieres estudiar diseño de modas Fashion Design | I do not know what to study

The Fashion Design career will allow you to become a professional in the entire apparel creation process, from its conception and design, to the marketing and marketing aspects.

Is it called the same in all countries?

No, you will find it under different names, be it Fashion Design; Textile Design; Clothing Design; Fashion Production, etc.

What is Fashion Design about?

The Fashion Designer must possess a good sense of taste in apparel, along with creativity and design skills, but the profession of Fashion Design does not end there. Whoever studies this career must be aware of the trends in the world of fashion and also become avant-garde, but to become a successful professional they must take care of the entire process that includes conceiving the idea of ​​the new product, making the design, carrying carry out its preparation, but also advertise and market it. Therefore, the Fashion Designer will be trained to work on the integral garment making process, as well as on each part of the process in particular.

Sampler of Mannequins for Fashion Design
Do you want to study Fashion Design?

What is studied in Fashion Design?

Some of the subjects you will encounter in this career will be: Clothing Design; Commercialization; Esthetic; Production Techniques; Fashion’s history; Costume Design; He drew; Accessories Design; etc.

What tasks does a Fashion Designer perform?

As we said before, the tasks of the Fashion Designer do not begin or end with the simple design of a sketch. Before starting the design, you will need to take into account the target audience, the socioeconomic conditions you are targeting, the available production techniques, and current trends in fashion. Then you must design the product, get the materials and machinery necessary for production, coordinate it, carry out its supervision, devise the appropriate advertising campaign and project the marketing means. The product will not necessarily be a dress, according to the traditional conception of the discipline, but the knowledge can be applied for the design of all kinds of clothing, as well as all kinds of accessories, footwear, etc. Nor will it necessarily be oriented to the manufacture of clothing for fashion garments, but may be dedicated to the manufacture of children’s clothing, work clothing, etc.

What is the job opportunity of a Fashion Designer?

The world of fashion has never lowered the intensity of work and is as current as ever. The professional in Fashion Design will be able to find work in different places and in various tasks. You can make designs independently or with your own design studio; also in the field of a design studio as an employee, either as a designer, as part of a creative team or in charge of design software. You can also perform these tasks in the garment factory environment. In show business, you may be in charge of the functions of a costume designer or costume consultant. These are just some of the possible job opportunities, since various branches of the industry require specialists in the design and manufacture of clothing.

Advantages of studying Fashion Design:

  • You will be able to apply your creativity to progress in your work.
  • You cannot get stuck in the profession, since Fashion Design requires permanent training.
  • The knowledge you acquire can be applied anywhere in the world.

Disadvantages of studying Fashion Design:

It is not a traditional career, so you must be careful when choosing the place where you will study.
The beginning of your career can be uncertain and slow, until you manage to demonstrate your capabilities and stand out.

Models on catwalk
What is Fashion Design about?

Where to study for Fashion Designer?

In Argentina: At the UBA you can study Clothing and Textile Design, it lasts 4 years and is an undergraduate degree in one of the most important universities in the region, so it is highly recommended.

At the University you have a career in Textile and Clothing Design, with a duration of 4 years.

The University of Belgrano offers you a Technique in Clothing Design, which lasts 2 years.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Textile and Clothing Design from UADE, which lasts 4 years, is also recommended, as is the Higher Technique in Production Design, with an orientation in Clothing Design.

In Costa Rica: Veritas University offers the International Fashion Design program, with a duration of 10 semesters.

In Spain: In the city of Barcelona: The LCI Barcelona, ​​School of Design, is the new campus of the LCI Education network in Barcelona offering a Higher Degree in Fashion Design, an official degree in the European Higher Education Area, with the same rank as the University Degree and a total of 240 ETCS Credits.

IDEP Barcelona offers a Higher Graduate / Diploma in Fashion Design and Image and several Masters in Fashion Design: Master’s Degree in Fashion Design and Marketing, Master’s Degree in Fashion Styling and Communication and courses and workshops in Fashion Design and Image.

Escola Superior de Disseny (ESDI) in collaboration with the multinational MANGO offers the Master in Management of the Fashion and Design industry.

The Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) offers the Higher Degree in Fashion Design, specializing in Fashion Design, equivalent to a University Degree with a total of 240 ECTS Credits, with a practical methodology through experimental projects and guided business simulations under industry professionals.

Ramon Llull University (URL).

In Burgos: The Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño y CRBC de Burgos is a public center dependent on the Junta de Castilla y León and offers the Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design, with a total of 240 ECTS credits.

In VIC: University of VIC (UVIC).

In Pamplona: the Centro Superior de Diseño Creanavarra offers the Official Career in Fashion Design equivalent to a University Degree, arranged in 4 academic courses of 60 ECTS credits each, with a total of 240 ECTS credits.

In the Balearic Islands: Escola Superior de Disseny de les Illes Balears.

In Cantabria: CESINE University Center offers an Official Degree in Fashion Design (Superior Design Titles are issued by the Government of Cantabria and are approved by the Spanish Ministry of Education.)

In Madrid: The Superior Design Center (IED) within the IED Moda Lab, is conceived as a study center that encourages the identification of new ideas, materials, methodologies and applications for the field of fashion. It offers the Higher Degree in Fashion Design, with a duration of 4 years. Also private degree courses on design, fashion and visual communication designed specifically for young people between 14 and 18 years old.

At the Artistic Teaching Institution you can study the Diploma in Fashion Design for 3 years. It also offers a 3-year Degree in Fashion Design through the University of Alcalá.

The University School of Design (ESNE) offers you a Degree in Fashion Design, supported by the Camilo José Cela University. It lasts 4 years.

Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) offers a Degree in Fashion Design, with a total of 240 European credits and The degree includes the possibility of taking two mentions (Leather and Production) or a personalized itinerary by the student.

European University of Madrid (UEM).

Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV).

In Galicia: The University of Vigo, Higher Studies in Textile and Fashion Design of Galicia (ESDEMGA).

In Valencia: Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de València (EASD) offers Fashion Design (Higher Design Degree) in 8 semesters and with a total of 240 ECTS credits, aimed at the field of clothing in the areas training of the broad fashion sector, from children’s products to the creation of a ready-to-wear designer collection.

In Guatemala: The Universidad del Istmo (UNIS) offers the Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design with a specialization in clothing in 9 semesters.

Loyola at the Loyola Las Américas Campus offers a training program in Fashion Design with a duration of 10 months and face-to-face modality.

The Popular University of Guatemala offers the Diploma in Fashion Design, in a 3-year study plan and a total of 6 semesters.

The Llatzer vocational training center offers the Fashion Design program.

In Mexico: In the Center there is the Bachelor’s Degree in Textile and Fashion Design, which you will study for 4 years.

At Jannette Klein University you have a 4-year Bachelor of Fashion Design and Advertising.

At the Institute of Higher Studies in Fashion you can take a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion and Creation, of the same duration as the previous ones.

In Panama: The Santa María la Antigua Catholic University offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design and Marketing, with a duration of 4 years.

At the Centro de Diseño University School you can study the degree title as Industrial Designer in the Textile and Fashion modality. This lasts 4 years.

In Venezuela: the Institute of Design of Caracas, offers the specialization in Fashion in a total of 6 modules.

The Graphic Technology Center offers Fashion and Marketing, the FASHION career with a total of 3 cycles (6 semesters), also offers orientation in Fashion Marketing with a total of 3 cycles (6 semesters) and as a Master it offers Marketing of Fashion with a total of 152 hours (19 weeks).

The University Institute of Technology UNIR – READIC (Interactive Computer Network for Education) offers the Higher Technician in Fashion Design program graduated from the University Institute of Technology READIC-UNIR with a duration of 6 Semesters.

The Las Mercedes University Design Institute (IUDLM) offers the Fashion Design career in a total of 6 semesters, with the aim of Training professionals with an innovative perception in fashion design in general, capable of solving with creativity, viability, effectiveness and profitability of projects that satisfy the demands and requirements of the market.

The Showroom Academy specialized in practical courses that cover all areas of the fashion industry, offers the Intensive Fashion Design Course, with 3 levels and a duration of 2 years, with a registration cost (2015) of 6,500 Bsf and the cost of the semester in Bsf. It also offers Digital Fashion Design with a duration of 2 months.

The Brivil Institute offers Fashion Design in 6 levels, Its purpose is to turn ideas into tangible objects through illustrations, clothing and accessories.

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