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Film and TV Direction

marzo 31, 2021

The race of Film and TV direction implies knowledge of all the aspects that make a film or a television program, the idea creation, its put in writing, its realization.

The directors they decide on the technical issues in the filming, they give the instructions to the actors, to the cameramen; they are actively involved in staging, production and musicalization.

If you are a movie fan, a series fan and you love the audiovisual world, film and TV directing is for you: it will give you the tools to create your own projects.

Film and television are arts that have a very complex production process that involves the teamwork of many people with diverse talents and knowledge.

There are actresses and actors, costume designers, set designers, art directors, cameramen, illuminators. What we see on the screen is the product of the joint work of many people, and all of them work under the supervision of only one: the director.

What do film and TV directors do?

Graduates of the Film and Television Direction they can dedicate themselves to direct short films or feature films for film or television. Some work in the TV series direction or films as hired directors. They can also work in the directing live TV shows. Many directors decide to carry out their own film projects, they write, produce and direct their own films.

Directors have a great source of work in the world of advertising. So if you are interested in a career in film directing but are not sure about your job prospects, now you can be sure that there are many opportunities for you to work and at the same time be able to display your creativity.