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Fine Arts | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021

There is no career that makes you an artist. But you can learn to develop your creative ideas in the best way. How? Studying fine arts. In the fine arts career you learn to develop your unique vision, You know a little about each of the disciplines and you decide which one to specialize in.

What do you learn in the Fine Arts degree?

The fine arts arise from ancient Greece, where they were classified as major arts and minor arts. The major arts were those that reached people through sight and hearing, and the minor arts were perceived by touch, taste, and smell.

The fine arts are a form of expression, are also classified as a universal form of language in which aesthetics and beauty excel. These forms of expression are no longer classified by the means by which they are transmitted, although all seven are perceived through hearing and sight. These are: architecture, sculpture, painting, music, literature, dance and cinema. Dedicating yourself to any of these disciplines is not only expressing yourself, it is also a way to stay healthy, to heal your soul by saying what you feel through a very beautiful medium, which people call: ART.

If you are one Creative person, who likes to reach people through dance or books, interested in showing the world your vision of it, if you want to change the world in a peaceful way by showing people what is wrong for you, and somehow raise awareness, this career is your best option.

After having completed this career or perhaps specializing in one of these disciplines, you can, among other things, make a living from your work as an artist, give workshops or teach arts classes in schools and colleges.