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Food Engineering | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021

Food Engineering is the branch of Engineering that is responsible for food production and includes all stages from harvest to presentation of food.

The food engineer begins his work at harvesting the food and ends it when the food is consumed. Some of the stages that Food Engineering is involved in are: collection, storage, transportation and cleaning, preservation, processing and presentation.

What does a food engineer work on?

The Food Engineering career provides the tools to develop any of these activities:

  • Design, organize and direct industrial food establishments.
  • Develop and participate in physical, chemical and microbiological transformation processes for food production.
  • Plan, implement, control and supervise the food preparation, fractionation and packaging processes.
  • Research and develop new processes for industrialization, packaging and food processing.
  • Carry out safety studies in the food industry.
  • Carry out quality controls.

Where can a food engineer work?

Food engineers may work in dairy, poultry, and fish companies.
In the fruit, beverage, bread and meat industries.
In storage and transportation centers, product research and development, quality control entities, etc. Practically the entire food industry (including animal feed) has the need and is nourished by Food Engineering.