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Graphology | I do not know what to study

abril 2, 2021
NSQE grafologia Graphology | I do not know what to study

The graphology is in charge of the identification and classification of the characteristics of an individual through the handwritten letter.

The graduate of the Graphology career is trained to analyze, detect and classify the different graphological characteristics through the study of different types of writing. It can also detect the appearance of unusual behaviors, addictions, learning disorders and warn about pathologies.

Labor field of a Graphologist

Graphology is the science that studies the personality and behavior of people through their calligraphy and the distribution of texts.

Graduated graphologists have a wide job prospect, are required in different areas and can work both in public and private companies and also as an independent consultant.

It is highly required in the area of ​​personnel selection and recruitment, or in the area of ​​Human Resources. You can also work as a judicial expert and prepare reports in the legal area or in assistance and educational centers, working with other education and health professionals.

In addition, it can be incorporated as a specialization or as a complementary subject for Law or Law students.

Graphology Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage to study Graphology are:

  • The private diploma qualifies to be a professional Graphologist.
  • Very practical training.
  • Short duration.
  • Wide job opportunity.
  • It can be done to complement careers such as Law or Human Resources.

Disadvantages Graphology:

  • Lack of official recognition.
  • Each institute has a different training structure.
  • It exists only as a private diploma.