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Hotel Administration | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
NSQE administracion hotelera Hotel Administration | I do not know what to study

The Hotel Manager is a professional oriented to control and advise different companies of lodging or gastronomic services related to tourist areas. The degree offers tools to improve the profitability of a company, optimize human resources, coordinate care tasks and ensure quality of services that guests want.

The Hotel Administration provides capabilities to detect what customers expect and assess their degree of satisfaction. Among the work areas where this type of professionals are sought we find hotels, cruises, different tourist complexes, congresses and special events, health companies such as hospitals and clinics.

The skills of a Hotel Manager is a great level to socialize and communicate with others, broad command of languages, thoughtful and with knowledge of aesthetics, proactive and respectful with customers. The students of the degree usually enjoy tourism and also show their interest in interacting with other cultures. Among the most important subjects are Tourism Marketing, Human Resources Administration, Project Management, Formulation of business plans, English and French.

Hotel Administration

The race has a duration of four years and the objective of a Hotel Manager is to provide a service and generate a space and moment of well-being in people.