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How to study for an exam?

abril 1, 2021
estudiar para un How to study for an exam?

If you think that there are subjects that are impossible to pass in an exam or your nerves betray you in those moments of concentration, here are some tips when taking.

Texts that are scary

When a person comes across a text that they have never read, they always have two ways, to get scared or take it easy. That feeling in many occasions will depend on the explanation or not of it by a teacher, or a study partner who can help us in our labyrinth of words.
The first thing that we must maintain in the presence of a text or book is calm, read it slowly and make the effort to understand each sentence in order to later understand the concept of each paragraph.

Study techniques
Study techniques

Let’s do it

The initial recommendation that we can give you is that you can give all the texts a first read, they will be much easier to understand at first if you have attended the classes where they have worked and have paid attention to taking notes, of that way if there is a term or idea that you do not understand, you can use your own notes, and so you can understand what it is about.

After that first reading, we suggest you go back to the same texts, but this time with a highlighter in hand and if possible a pen or pencil. Both elements will help you indicate which are the key passages and it will also be helpful to make some kind of personal comment next to each paragraph. You can also complement this with your annotations or with what you have left from the classes.

If you want to continue deepening and you are really willing to be a good student and pass the exam with a good grade, you can continue with the preparation of a summary. In this way the concepts will be recorded in your mind, without having to memorize them, with each reading you will be able to better understand what each author is about and at the same time you will be able to relate it to other authors or to examples that may arise yourself. The summaries are key because they are part of the third stage of the study, you have already read, you have indicated and now you are going to write it.

Conceptual box

Many people tend to go one step further in the study, preferring to have a summary than a summary, so the conceptual picture could be called. This table can help us to more easily locate the concepts and main ideas of each author, as well as make a comparison between different texts that deal with the same topic.

This chart can have its advantages and disadvantages, because for many it can be of great help and for others it can be a thin line towards memorizing words.

One of the advantages that the student can find is the review of the exam topics and have it with him before entering to take the test, in this way he can locate well the most important questions that he must remember when sitting down to write or render orally. a subject.

The disadvantage, as we anticipated, can come from memorization, which leads to not remembering the ideas in the text that have been left out of the conceptual framework. There are certain people who have a tendency to memorize words and therefore may forget what it does to the idea itself of the text and be left only with the repetition of their painting.

Study groups

Many students find it essential to share the texts, it helps to deepen some issues, settle in the mind concepts that have remained somewhat in the nebula or raise the doubts in common and reach a good conclusion among several students of the same stuff.

Dare to give up

If you have followed our steps carefully, you shouldn’t have any difficulties on the day of the exam. You can take your summaries to be more confident, or your conceptual picture, if you have made it correctly and have used it conscientiously.

A good advice we can give you is that the night before the exam, try to live it without so much personal pressure. The ideal is to have dinner and go to bed early, then when you get up you can review the most important points, at that time there should be no doubts.

If you are getting very nervous, a good method to calm down, beyond taking a deep breath and handling the air, is to buy bubble wrap, which usually comes in the box of televisions or fragile products that we buy. Exploding these bubbles makes one can relax and think about something else, there are those who even distribute them in the corridors of universities so that students are accompanied in their moment of stress.