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I do not know what to study! | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
no se que estudiar min I do not know what to study! | I do not know what to study

Not sure what to study? Are you trying to decide what is the profession of your dreams? This is your place. At NoSeQueEstudiar we encourage you to think big, don’t put up barriers because you can be whatever you want, the key is passion and perseverance.

Before deciding, you need to spend time discovering the different options in education, careers and their forms, courses and their applications, or know what the world of work is like by sectors and demand.

To find out your ideal career it implies get out of the comfort zone and discover your passionAn easy way to get started is by discovering reading materials, blogs and trying new courses, new subjects, new subjects, start with an introductory course.

There is a common question that unites us with thousands of people around the world That I learn? What career to study? This is a concern that can come to mortify, because it is about the bet on the future, what We imagine it is tomorrow and the time we dedicate to it is worth gold.

Professional life passes in several stages, you probably start with training and working in a company as an intern, then you will change to another, and little by little you will build your career.

Do not leave your destiny to chance, a fundamental key to success is to plan in the long term thinking that you will be doing in 1 year, in 5 or in 20 years, surely you never stopped to think about what moment of life are you now and what resources do you have, sit down and think and be sincere in your thinking. What do you have to do to reach your goal? Remember that you are the architect of your life and the captain of your own ship, the effort and getting out of the comfort zone is the key.

Not sure what to study?  Are you trying to decide what is the profession of your dreams?

During life, people have to do what they like, what they are passionate about, what makes them happy, do not stop in the negative or in what third parties tell you, in fashion, a family legacy or family recommendations . Family, parents, uncles, grandparents, friends are your loved ones and mainly parents always try to help by giving good advice, even so you have to do what you think may be good for you and your future. The important thing is that you believe it and fight every day to achieve your goal.

There are people to whom the lack of vocational guidance leads them to get involved in professions that do not satisfy them, leaving as a result the abandonment of the career in full training or the null exercise of the profession despite having the degree in hand.

That is why it becomes so important choose a career properly, which does not mean that it is the only one, after all “knowledge does not take place”, but the interesting thing is to be satisfied with the choice, so as not to abandon the idea along the way, lose time and get frustrated by this.

What if you are not passionate about the chosen career?

Do not torture yourself about whether the career decision has been the right one, all the courses, trainings, trainings and careers that will provide skills that will serve you in the future.

The race was not what I expected. The career in many cases is one more stage in life, and you do not always end up practicing what you have studied. Life is very long and you can change careers several times.

The important thing is that you do not stop learning, do not stop training and do not be afraid to change course if it is what you really want, remember that you are unique and a great architect of your own project.

When you are about to choose a career, hundreds of doubts appear. Will I be able to live on this? Will it be a career that disappears in five years? Will I make money from this race?

I do not know what to study! Where do I begin?

The first thing you should do is inquire into you and your interests, do not start thinking in which career could be the one, ask yourself what activities can you develop, what tasks do you think you excel at, which are yours skills.

Self-knowledge is essential when determining the career you will choose for your future.

It is also valid to focus on the security and confidence that you feel when performing certain actions, for example, there are those who can stand in front of a group of people and develop a topic without any difficulty, feeling comfortable with that activity, while the others are there. that just thinking about speaking in public frightens them, preferring to express their ideas in writing, because this kind of analysis is the one that must be developed before thinking about your future and choosing the career you will study.

Do not hesitate, identify your strengths and focus on them.

If you still don’t know what to study or you think I don’t know what to study! It may not be the ideal training for you, try our free test.

test cto I do not know what to study! | I do not know what to study

Discover careers, courses, Professional or Informal training that best suits your choice.

If you like reading …

Possibly you are one of those who will enjoy careers linked to philosophy, letters and history.

If you like to investigate …

Yours may be the natural sciences, careers such as biology, biochemistry or environmental science.

If you enjoy doing mathematical calculations …

Definitely the careers in which you could perform without problems would be: mathematics, economics or accounting.

If you get involved in social causes …

The ideal careers for you may be sociology, social work, social communication, education, or even political science.

If you have innovative ideas and a really creative mind …

Perhaps you should focus on careers related to design, from graphic design, to web design, or even architectural.

If you get involved in the welfare of others …

Your ideal career could be related to the field of health, being able to choose between professions such as medicine, nursing, occupational therapy or psychology.

If you have always been the leader of the group and have carried out the projects …

It could be that the most profitable career for you is related to business administration, marketing and sales.

In short, if you research your preferences, your abilities and strengths, if you focus on what you do well and that you enjoy undertaking, you can easily choose which career to study.

Still not knowing what to study? Learn English

Languages ​​are fundamental, a requirement, an obligation in today’s world. The English it is the most important language to find a job.

You have the fortune to travel and study what you want

One of the best and greatest decisions of your life will be to consider working abroad, it is essential that you do not have mental barriers and are not afraid of change.

In Europe there are several proposals and experiences for all ages, for example the Erasmus experience that allows you to travel and have a complete experience, get to know another culture, make new friends, friends, practice sports, improve or learn a language, do internships, participate in an NGO and surround yourself with the most different people you meet on your way.

Throughout your life you will need to learn, be persistent and acquire different abilities to relate to people, acquire discipline, learn about creativity, develop emotional intelligence, learn about time management, etc.