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I want to be a music teacher

marzo 31, 2021
quiero ser maestro de musica I want to be a music teacher

Music teachers teach music to people of all ages and abilities, either privately or by independent teachers, or in schools or colleges.

What does a music teacher do?

If you are an expert in playing an instrument or singing and would like to pass your knowledge on to others, this job may suit you. In this job it is very important that the person is very enthusiastic about music. You will have to be patient and encouraging to allow students to progress at a pace that is appropriate for them. There are different entry requirements for this job, depending on whether you want to teach at a music school, elementary school, high school, or offer private lessons.

Where does a music teacher work?

As a music teacher, your job may vary depending on the type of teaching you do.

Private education. You could work with individuals or small groups of people, either in your own home or at the student’s home. You could work with people of all levels, from beginners to top artists, by doing the following:

  • Lesson plan to meet the individual needs of each student.
  • Teach students to play an instrument and read and perform music.
  • Help students prepare for music exams, competitions, and performances.

Teaching in schools and colleges. You could also work in a specialized music school or conservatory, where you would teach either individuals or groups. You would give them classes and help them in the preparation of the music exams, titles and performances.

It is also possible to teach music in a primary or secondary school, where you would do the following:

  • Teach the whole class or a group of students.
  • Teach the history, theory, and appreciation of all kinds of music.
  • Define tasks and mark and evaluate students’ work.
  • Help organize school choirs, orchestras or bands.
  • Organize school concerts and musical performances.

Music can be taught at all levels in a vocational training center or adult education center, from amateur courses to high-level qualifications.

I want to be a music teacher
I want to be a music teacher

How many hours does a music teacher work per week?

As a tutor, you will probably have to work longer hours to accommodate your group of clients, and you can spend time traveling between different teaching locations.

In a school, you usually work from Monday to Friday, with a number of hours that will depend on the country, as well as the place of work, as well as the type of contract you have. Additionally, you can teach individual students, perform performance rehearsals, or create and assist musical groups, as well as attend school concerts and musical performances after school hours and occasionally on weekends.

In education centers, you can work full-time, part-time or part-time, and in adult education centers you could teach part-time courses during the day or night.

How many years do you have to study to be a music teacher?

This will depend on the area where you want to work. If you decide to work as a music teacher in secondary education or higher, most countries you need to possess a Degree. If this is the case, you will have to complete a degree that lasts around four or five years, in addition to the time you have been studying music, which will depend on the instrument you want to teach and other factors. If, on the other hand, you want to give private lessons, training as a musician will suffice.

Benefits of being a music teacher

  • You will have a flexible work schedule.
  • You will be able to teach others what you like the most.
  • As a teacher, you will have more vacations than in other jobs.
  • You will achieve the satisfaction of seeing the progress of your students.

Disadvantages of being a music teacher

  • The salary is usually not very high.
  • It can be a stressful job because children and especially teenagers are difficult at times.
  • Depending on where you take the classes (secondary, private, etc.) you will have to study for many years.

Why teach music
Why teach music

Where to study to be a music teacher?

Argentina: Argentine Catholic University, University of Buenos Aires, etc.

Spain: Complutense University of Madrid, Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Schools of Art and Design of Valencia, Escoles d’Art i Disseny de Catalunya, etc.

Colombia: Juan N. Corpas University Foundation, etc.

Mexico: National Conservatory of Music of Mexico, etc.

Uruguay: University School of Music, etc.

Chile: University of Chile, etc.

Venezuela: Cecilio Acosta Catholic University, etc.