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ILERNA | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021

ILERNA promotes professional and inclusive Vocational Training. ILERNA offers distance and face-to-face Professional Training made up of Middle and Higher Grade Training Cycles.

All the degrees that are taught face-to-face and online are official, valid 100% throughout Spain and are obtained directly through the ILERNA exams, without having to go through free tests.

ILERNA offers different training cycles for Medium Grade or Superior grade in Nursing Assistant, Oral Hygiene, Microcomputer systems and networks, Web development, Multiplatform development, Early childhood education, Administrative management, Management assistance, Administration and finance, Video, DJ and sound, 3D, games and interactive environments, Electromechanics of motor vehicles , Marketing and advertising, Pharmacy and parapharmacy, dietetic fp and Soccer Technician.