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Image and sound design

marzo 31, 2021
NSQE diseno de imagen y sonido Image and sound design

Image and sound design is a profession that comprehensively encompasses all the knowledge that a professional needs to carry out any audiovisual project.

The career is focused on providing students with all the necessary tools so that they can create and design messages in digital format.

Technology is the central tool that professionals master to achieve their goals and carry out their projects.
It is a career that encompasses the technical aspect and also him artistic of the audiovisual; It includes practical training, which involves the use of digital tools, and theoretical training, which includes the study of audiovisual art and its appreciation as an aesthetic fact.

What do image and sound designers do?

Image and sound designers have a broad labor market at your disposal, according to the area you prefer the most. They can fulfill various roles within the audiovisual creation process: direction, editing and production, to mention just a few.

The professionals of the image and sound design they work in film and tv production companies, developing projects together or also as independent professionals. Image and sound design

Image and sound designers often work in the advertising field, as it is a constantly growing job market. They also work on TV channels as pillars in any step of the audiovisual product realization.

Those interested in this career will find in it a constant source of interesting challenges, great satisfactions and a labor field forever open to incorporating new talents.

If you are interested in the process of audiovisual production of Cinema and TV, the Image and sound design will give you the necessary tools to guide your creativity.