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Image Consultant | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
quieres estudiar asesoria en imagen Image Consultant | I do not know what to study

There are different study careers that have emerged as modern in recent years, Image Consultant is one of them and its activity grows day by day.

What is studying to be an Image Consultant?

Each university or school is dedicated to providing the necessary subjects in this career so that students have a complete theoretical framework and thus can develop in different areas. Some of the subjects that are taught during the course are related to different cultures, the body clinic, psychology, personal marketing, social behavior, posture, protocol, ceremonial and another of the topics offered is linked to human relationships. Colorimetry is an important subject, since the advisor must collaborate with the color palette that should be used on each occasion and which tones are the most recommended for each specific person.

Is Image Consulting a college degree?

Like most of the subjects that a person decides to study, their category of degree, course, master or technical degree, depend on the universities that correspond to each country in which they study. In the specific case of Image ConsultingAlthough in some places it is taken as a career, it is not registered as a degree, generally specific institutions provide this study. Some schools offer the possibility of taking intensive courses and others dictate careers with a greater number of subjects.

Do you want to study Image Consulting
Do you want to study Image Consulting?

How long does it last?

The duration of the Image Consultant career varies according to the institute that offers it, since each course is dictated in a particular way, which is why it can vary between 1 or 2 years, approximately. If you want to take a shorter course, you can reduce the study time and last an average of 2 or 7 months.

Advantages of studying Image Consulting

Studying Image Consulting has different advantages, such as the possibility of traveling, either working for a specific entity or for a public figure who must have the person advising him or her by his side at all times.

Disadvantages of studying Image Consulting

The particular disadvantage of image-related careers comes from the subjectivity of each person. This profession requires a permanent treatment of human bonds, a person delivered to the hands of an image consultant must have empathy to achieve a common goal and that both parties benefit from the work, therefore in certain situations it is conflictive to change the image of a person.

What is the job opportunity of an Image Consultant?

The job opportunity that studying the Image Consultant career has is based on all those areas that require a communication, since the advisor can adapt to the image of a company or a natural person.
The tasks start from the visual makeover of a person, in terms of their attire, color palette to put on makeup and use in their daily life or in a special event, the ways of performing in special situations that require a certain particular protocol.
An Image Consultant can be a Image Consultant, fashion and beauty consultant, working alongside designers, hairdressers, makeup artists, collaborating with advertisers, producers and marketing teams.

Where to study Image Consulting?

ArgentinaAt the Donato Delego design and fashion school, the career of Image Consultant is taught, focused on both people and companies.

Bolivia, the Bolivian Private University dictates the Image Consultant course. It lasts 45 classroom hours.

BrazilAt Ilana Berenholc Consultoria de Imagem, the Image Consultant course is taught.

Chile, You can obtain the Diploma in Image Consulting at the Personal Image Center at a cost of $ 980 and 100 hours of study between theory and practice.

Colombia, You can attend to study the Image and Styling Consultancy course at the LaSalle International institute, located in Bogotá.

Ecuador, dictates the degree of Superior Technician in Image Consulting through the Lendan Higher Technological Institute of Personal Image.

Guatemala, the Galileo University dictates the Bachelor’s Degree in Public Image and Media with a duration of 4 years.

Honduras, the National Foundation for Development in Honduras dictates the Personal and Corporate Image course. It lasts for 8 hours.

Mexico, you can study the Personal Image Consulting course at the Personal Image Design Institute. The School of Public Image, offers the Bachelor of Imaging so that students can fully perform in the image.

Panama, Garbo Imagen dictates the theme in Panama, to know the dates of the Personal and Professional Image Consultant courses you must enter the page.

ParaguayAt Glam Imagen Personal Image courses are offered at a cost of 300,000gs.

Peru, the international career of Personal, Professional and Business Image Consulting, is offered at The Style Institute, granting a double international certification.

Puerto Rico, Modern Hairstyling Institute (MHI), Inc., offers different courses related to the image.

Uruguay, Garbo Imagen offers regular and intensive courses of Personal, Professional and Business Image Consultant.

What an Image Consultant does
What does an Image Consultant do?

Within the European Continent:

SpainAt the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​the subject of Image and Communication Advisor is taught in a course format. There is also the Personal Shooper course, dictated by the Personal Schooper School, aimed at professional training.

Portugal, is Blossom Image Consulting in Lisbon, an institute that offers the Image Consulting course, for those who are interested in this profession.

The Image Consulting career offers a challenge to the professional, since sometimes their work does not consist simply of collaborating with a person but of teaching. In this profession, patience is a fundamental characteristic that must be possessed