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Industrial Engineering | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021

Some careers point to specific objectives, and within them is Industrial Engineering, a profession that provides comprehensive training for the student.

The Industrial Engineering career through its multiple themes manages to train a professional with extensive knowledge. Throughout the course of the same theoretical concepts are offered so that the engineer is able to evaluate, project, plan, design and so that he can use, efficiently, the resources of the company.

With regard to the career, taking it in a timely manner, it has an approximate duration of ten semesters; where you can study subjects such as algebra, mathematical analysis, programming, statistics, costs, ethics, philosophy, physics, chemistry, organization, as well as topics related to machinery, design, technology, safety and hygiene, management , marketing, economics, among others. The orientation will depend on the university that is selected to study it, since some educational entities point to a professional more linked to economics and others are inclined towards an industrial engineer interested more in technological systems.

Industrial Engineer and Provincial Deputy, belongs to the Labor and Progress Party of the Province of Misiones, Argentina

Among the jobs that an Industrial Engineering professional can perform is the ability to manage different companies, with the main objective of optimizing resources. By having a varied training, the graduate of the degree will be able to solve the problems that arise in an organization through a specific analysis of the different areas that are articulated in a task. On the other hand, it can also carry out analysis of occupational risks, taking into account the safety aspects that entities must respect. For this reason, the industrial engineer must have a good command of communication and personal relationships, both to deal with managers and to establish empathy with the employees of a company.

In addition, the professional can be part of the design of a new product, with regard to the previous study of the costs and the necessary human resources that will have to carry out said project, as well as the environmental consequences of the same.

Like various careers, Industrial Engineering allows the graduate to dedicate himself to the research area, to collaborate in different causes or commissioned by a certain institution or organization, as well as being able to dedicate himself to teaching.