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Insurance Advisor | I do not know what to study

abril 1, 2021
quieres ser asesor en seguros Insurance Advisor | I do not know what to study

If you are one of those people who do not want to complicate studying, who want to pursue a profession that helps them have a job opportunity, here we show you an alternative.

Why become an Insurance Advisor?

There are those who are looking for a career or a profession that shows its fruits at the end of the month with respect to the economic thing. For those who are undecided, the career of Insurance Advisor is short and effective. Since if you have the determination to spend your time in a profitable job, this profession is an excellent option to follow.
In the different entities the student is given the knowledge they need to be a complete professional, capable of clearing up their clients’ doubts and offering them the best alternatives on the market.

Is the race called the same in all countries?

The career has different names as well as the name of the profession can change between countries and organizations that dictate the diploma. In Argentina he is known as an insurance consultant or producer; in Brazil, insurance experts or executives. In Colombia it is also known as an insurance manager, and those who develop independently are known as insurance brokers. In Spain professionals are known under the name of insurance mediators and in Mexico as insurance agent.

You want to be an Insurance Advisor
Do you want to be an Insurance Advisor?

What subjects are studied to be an Insurance Advisor?

Some of the subjects that are seen throughout the course are directly related to the insurance area, such as risk assessment; legal concepts, regulations and civil code; technical principles of the subject; the different types of insurance: property damage, people; professional deontology; liability and fraud; particular problems. Some entities also add to being subjects some related to marketing and the different forms of sale, as well as subjects from the computer field, where tools are provided to the professional so that they can develop their work with greater practicality.

What tasks does an Insurance Advisor / Manager perform?

There are different branches of insurance, since the producer can be a specialist in the sale of a certain range of these or can be dedicated to a wide range. The Insurance Advisor must have the communication facility to understand the needs of his client, be it a natural person or an organization, and understand what types of insurance may interest him and serve him in his daily life.
In itself the task of the insurance producer is to act as an intermediary between a client and the insurance company. Your primary job is to evaluate the different risks your client may have and offer them an offer according to their requirements.

What is the job opportunity for this career?

Through this profession, the Insurance Advisor can work in an insurance agency, in a public government entity that regulates matters related to insurance and the rules that govern them, as well as being able to carry out the activity without a dependency relationship. . The insurance producer can get the freedom to work for himself.

Advantages of studying for an Insurance Advisor

This profession has the advantage of providing an independent job to the Insurance Advisor, since he can deal with different insurance companies and have a personal client record. That is why the producer must work hard to obtain remuneration that is meaningful to his way of life.

Disadvantages of studying for an Insurance Advisor

In some countries such as Mexico, insurance advisers tend to be mostly tied to insurance companies or to certain people who have staff in their charge. Many companies take advantage and end up taking away his client portfolio from the advisor. The disadvantage that can be seen in this profession is linked to this type of situation where the company can scam the professional if he is not very clear about the rules and experience in the field.

Tasks of the Insurance Advisor
Tasks of the Insurance Advisor

Where to study Insurance Advisor?

In Argentina, In CABA The Argentine Association of Insurance Advisory Producers offers the Insurance Advisory Producer course, with a duration of five months. The title is not tertiary, but is taken as the specialization of a trade.

In CABA the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Production of the Argentine Republic (CACIPRA) offers training in Producer, Adviser of property and personal insurance PCA. The course is authorized by the National Insurance Superintendency, with a duration of 6 months and blended or remote modality.

In CABA In the Microcentro area, the Higher Technical Training Institute No. 1 (IFTS No. 1) offers the Higher Technique in Insurance, with a total of 2708 teaching hours, a duration of 3 years and face-to-face modality.

In CABA The University of the Merchant Marine within the Faculty of Administration and Economics offers a Bachelor’s degree in Insurance with a duration of 4 years.

In CABA ISALUD University offers the Bachelor of Administration training with a focus on Health and Social Security with a duration of 4 years.

In CABA, The Inter-American Open University (UAI) offers the 2-year training for the Insurance Consultant Producer (PAS) course, in face-to-face mode.

In Buenos Aires provinceIn Villa Luzuriaga, the National University of La Matanza within the Continuing Education School offers the Bachelor’s Degree in Insurance Management within the Bachelor’s degree cycle in a total of 6 Semesters.

In Between rivers In the city of Paraná, the National University of Entre Ríos within the Faculty of Economic Sciences offers the Undergraduate Career of University Technician in Insurance with a duration of 3 years.

The FUNDADE center offers training to obtain the Registration of Insurance Consultant Producer (Property and Life) before the Superintendency of Insurance of the Nation.
Also in Paraná, the APASER center offers the Aspiring Insurance Consultant Producer Course with a duration of 8 months.

In NeuquenIn the capital area, the Seneca Tertiary Institute offers the Higher Insurance Technician training with a duration of 2 and a half years and face-to-face modality.

In Black river, in the zone of Cipolleti and Viedma, the Seneca Tertiary Institute offers the training of Senior Insurance Technician with a duration of 2 and a half years and face-to-face modality.

In Santa Fe, in the zone of rosary beads The Inter-American Open University offers (UAI) the 2-year training for the Insurance Consultant Producer (PAS) course, in face-to-face mode.

In Santa Fe in the zone of rosary beads, the Higher Institute of Technical Education No. 56 (ISET 56) offers the career of Senior Technician in Insurance Administration and Senior Technician in Insurance Marketing with a duration of 3 years.

In Santa Fe, the Association of Insurance Producers Advisors of Santa Fe (APAS) offers the training program for Applicants for the Course of Obtaining the Registration of Producer, Property and Personal Insurance Adviser, in semi-face-to-face mode and a total of 18 classes face-to-face.

In Brazil, The National Higher School of Insurance offers a bachelor’s degree in Administration plus Insurance and Providence, offering specific postgraduate courses on Financial Risks or Executive in Insurance and Reinsurance with an annual duration. This school has few vacancies, therefore it has a selection process prior to admission.

In Colombia, the National Insurance Institute offers the diploma in General Insurance. It is dictated through thirty-five contact hours distributed in different modules and the student can do it in his time, as a course.

In Ecuador: The Institute of Banking and Financial Practices (IPBF) offers the Insurance Specialization Program in the city of Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca and Ambato.

In Spain, the Distance University of Madrid, together with the Center for Financial Studies, offers the Training course for Insurance and Reinsurance Mediators. The duration of the course will depend on the student’s previous experience, so it can last between two months and a year.

In Mexico, the Instituto Mexicano Educativo de Seguros y Finanzas (Imesfac), offers preparation courses for Insurance Agents. There are different categories and each of them has a duration of one year. This institute provides training as a course.
The National Insurance and Surety Commission (CNSF) offers the Accreditation of Technical Capacity exam program for Insurance and Surety Agents.

For some time now, the portfolio of insurance offers has diversified due to the different situations that societies experience and technological advances. Some agencies offer the client the possibility of obtaining discounts through the contracting of a policy on the Internet and the Insurance Advisors producers, in addition you can see the way in which they provide the facility of personalized attention to each case.

The weather due to its transformations such as hail and tornadoes, has helped car insurance companies to incorporate new items in their policies, just as home insurance today provides new specifications in the objects to be insured by new electronic products that live in houses.