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Internships and internships in Argentina

abril 2, 2021
por que estudiar logistica Internships and internships in Argentina

Should you take internships and internships into account when studying a career in Argentina?

Each country has its own rules and laws related to internship and internship programs in which young people in training can participate. In some states the regulation does not exist, and this makes it difficult to give a legal framework to the professional practice carried out by the student with respect to the career he is pursuing.

In countries such as Argentina, there is a law that regulates this professional practice of students of the Higher Education system, so that those who choose to enter within a internship programThey will have certain safeguards that the law indicates.

Argentine Educational Internship System

Since 2008, an Educational Internship System has been in force in Argentina, approved under Law 26,427. In this context, the national educational system is in charge of regulating the professional practices carried out by Higher Education students in companies and public organizations, or private companies with legal status.
How do internships and internships work in Argentina?
It is important to note that an internship is not just any job that the student obtains in the course of their training. This, in fact, is a professional practice of the knowledge acquired throughout higher education.

The internship It may only be considered as such in the case of training activities carried out by students in companies and public and private organizations, and which are related to the studies completed.

The internshipsTherefore, they are considered a complement to academic training, and at the same time, they entail for the company the obligation to compensate the student with a fixed amount of money as a stimulus for their activity.

Obligations of companies, students and university

Within the framework of the Argentine Educational Internship Law, the student and the company must sign an agreement in which they undertake to comply with the obligations established by the regulations. In addition, the university occupies a fundamental role in the equation, fulfilling a series of responsibilities that are linked to the design of the institution’s comprehensive pedagogical project, with respect to internships, and the evaluation of the teaching process. professional practices carried out by the student in the selected organization.

The student will also have a tutor in the company in which he enters as an intern, he will be in charge of evaluating, together with the teacher assigned by the educational institution, the student’s training process in the company.

It will be the power of the universities to publicize the agreements signed with companies or public and private organizations within the framework of the internship program of the institution, as well as announcing in advance each new call for internships, with their respective details such as registration requirements, deadlines, vacancies and procedures to follow.

Duration, workload and student benefits in internships

The duration of the internship, as well as their workload, will be defined in the agreement signed by the student and the company. But as a general rule, we will say that the internship may not have a duration of less than two months and more than 12 months. Once the 12-month period has expired, the organization may renew the internship vacancy and award it to the same student for a further 6 months.

Because the internship does not generate any type of employment relationship between the company and the student, after the end of the period of duration of the internship, the company will have no obligation to the student. However, if you want to contract it for an indefinite period, you can do so, but the trial period stipulated in the Law employment contract.

Refering to Workload, the law establishes that it can only be a maximum of 20 hours per week. The intern receives for this workload a sum of money as a stimulus, which will be calculated based on the basic salary that the company offers its workers. In addition, the student receives the regular benefits provided to the organization’s staff, including health coverage.

Opting for an internship can be a great way to start applying the knowledge gained from your training in a practical way. On the other hand, it will allow you to contact companies directly, show your capabilities and with that, expand your possibilities of employment.

Because the internship is optional for the student, you will be the one who has the final decision in this regard. Would you like to participate in an internship program?