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Internships and internships in Colombia

abril 1, 2021
que hace un grafologo Internships and internships in Colombia

Would you like to participate in an internship and internship program before entering the job market?

All students from Higher education They know and understand that this stage is the step prior to entering the world of work. Probably, some of them during the course of their career will try to find employment, but simply with the aim of being able to pay for their studies and personal expenses. This kind of work is not what they want to do for the rest of their lives, but simply to support their academic training.

The moment of truth comes when they finish their higher studies and must enter the labor market, with their training in specific subjects and enabled to be treated as professionals, but also to act as such.

For some, the transition from academic life to professional life can be very drastic, the uncertainty about whether or not they will be able to live up to their degree is what often does not allow them to enjoy this new stage.

Fortunately, for some time now the world has taken this fact into account, creating programs prior to the student’s professional life. These programs are known as internships and internships and they allow the preparation of the student for the world of work in their area of ​​knowledge.

Internships and internships in Colombia

Colombia is a country with a growing Higher Education system. Improvement and transformation policies are constantly being implemented at the university level, but possibly with regard to internships and internships, the country still has a lot of work ahead of it.
How do internships and internships work in Colombia?
In Colombia there is no such thing as in other countries of the region that has been in force for a long time, which is basically a specific law concerning internships and internships. This could represent a barrier for students who wish to access these types of programs, but not because they do not exist, because in fact they do exist, but because this entails a certain lack of protection towards the student, taking into account the lack of a legal framework that regulates these activities.

Even so, what we can say that exists in Colombia as a particular form of expression of what the Internship Law would be in other countries, is the Apprenticeship contract.

What is the Colombian Apprenticeship Contract?

The Apprenticeship Contract is established in Law 789 of 2002. It represents a special form of connection within Labor Law. This does not constitute an employment relationship, nor will the student who participates in this kind of contract have the same benefits as the permanent staff of the company.

In the context of Apprenticeship contract, the beneficiaries of the program may be those university students whose careers have a practical phase, however, this does not mean that those study programs that require academic practice as a method to achieve the degree, can participate in the Learning Contract .

The law also establishes that companies have to cover a quota of apprentices within their structures, with which, this allows educational institutions to always include within their offer of services, the possibility of inserting students in companies and public and private organizations with which the Apprenticeship Contract is entered into.

Obligations within the Apprenticeship Contract

The Apprenticeship Contract obliges companies to fulfill a series of responsibilities and the same applies to apprentices, who must carry out the required tasks within the hours established in the contract.

Among the obligations of the company, we find the affiliation of the student to the Social Security System in Health and to Occupational Risk System. In addition, the company will have to provide monthly financial support to the apprentice, which in the case of university students, may not be less than the Minimum Monthly Legal Salary in force in Colombia.

The duration of an Apprenticeship Contract can be a maximum of two years.

Learning Contract vs. Internships and internships

The Apprenticeship Contract does not constitute a training program. traditional internships and internshipsTherefore, those students who wish to access this kind of system will have to resort to the higher educational institution where they wish to study.

The universities of Colombia have programs of internships and internships their own, through agreements they have entered into with companies and organizations in the public and private sectors. This makes it possible that generally, if you access higher studies at a university, you can also access internships.