Internships and internships in Mexico

donde estudiar diseno multimedial Internships and internships in Mexico

There is a stage prior to the incursion of the student in the labor market, this is usually called the stage of practices and internships.

Most of the people who study a university career, they do it with the goal of practicing the desired profession. Few of them study with the sole objective of acquiring knowledge. While it is true that many enjoy the fact of accumulating knowledge, this would not be the basic premise for studying at the university, but for the possibility of exercising a professional activity in the labor market. This is the instance in which the knowledge acquired throughout the career is applied.

But running into the world of work right off the bat can be too drastic for those unprepared in the practical aspect of their chosen profession. For them, and indeed for all those who study a Higher Education program, the paths before reaching the desired job as a qualified professional should lead to the realization of internships and internships.

If you live in Mexico and you are interested in learning more about the world of internships and internships, you are in the right place.

Internships and internships in Mexico

In Mexico there is no law or system of internships and internships at the national level. This does not mean that they cannot be accessed. What a Mexican student can do to enter the labor market, shortly after completing their higher studies, is professional practice based on the study program to which they subscribe.

The professional practice in Mexico it is considered as a compulsory subject or subject in many careers. In study programs that are not compulsory, students can do it as a complement to their training, but this will not influence the moment of obtaining the degree or not, as in the first case.

Each university has its own rules set in this regard. In most of the careers that establish professional practice as a compulsory subject, however, there are a series of common rules to comply with when carrying out this kind of activity.

Professional internships in Mexico

The professional internships in Mexico they are a prerequisite to graduation in many majors. These consist of the development of activities related to the student’s area of ​​study, in a public or private company or organization.
How do internships and internships work in Mexico?
The goal of the professional practice It is the acquisition of experience prior to obtaining the corresponding qualification.

As a step prior to graduation, the professional practice It is an interesting instance that allows the student to apply the knowledge acquired throughout the career, with the supervision of an academic tutor, that is, a teacher from the educational institution, and a professional tutor, who will supervise the student in the company in the one that is selected as a practitioner.

Generally, many companies and public and private institutions and even government organizations have specific agreements for the incorporation of practitioners in their work structures. This does not imply, however, an employment relationship between company and student.

In order for the professional practice required by the university to be approved, the organization and the educational institution will have to sign an agreement, otherwise, the student will not be able to use that company as a venue for the practice.

The organization in which the student will carry out his professional practice can be proposed by the student himself or it can be chosen from the contacts that the universities maintain with different companies in the country.

If the student already has a job and can demonstrate that he is carrying out an activity related to the career, he will be able to validate his work as professional practice. The same occurs with students who serve as scholarship holders at the university, with those who participate in ventures or with those who choose to carry out their internships abroad.

Another point to highlight is the dedication that the student must give to the practices. In addition to the 400 hours (depending on each institution), the practitioner will have a daily workload of a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 8, for 5 days a week.

It is important to clarify that in case of receiving financial compensation for carrying out professional practices, it will be as a subsidy and not as a salary.

The Mexican case may be peculiar given that the professional practice It is constituted as one more subject to take and therefore, it is an instance that many students will go through, acquiring the necessary practical training to enter the labor market without fear.

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